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Alcohol-free drinks & options

Alcohol free beer, wine, and spirits are among the fastest growing markets in the beverage industry globally. Just Google the search words ''zero alcohol'' or ''AF'' drinks - and prepare to be blown away....

Straight up: SITC has a crystal clear stance on AF drinks which is that while they are a terrific fit and option for some, they're actually a massive potential trigger and danger-zone for others, as they replicate the look, taste, smell, and even 'ritual' of alcohol. Also - 'zero alcohol' drinks can have a small percentage of alcohol still present and still be legally marketed as ''0%'' and yet so few are told this truth. These drinks are linked to relapses in early recovery, so we strongly suggest you proceed down this path with immense caution, and, if in doubt - avoid them and seek an alternative.  You can read more here in an article that covers the topic of AF drinks well. 

We've included some options below for you to consider, starting with our personal favourite which is perfect and safe for everyone:


Etch Sparkling

Jason & Andy at ETCH Sparkling share our goal to focus on social inclusion and social change. Also - we love that their drinks do not replicate the taste or smell of alcohol in any way. Their drinks are simply a delicious adult option safe for everyone.

Click here to shop ETCH
and be sure to enter the code SITC at their checkout, and a bit of love comes back to us!


Altina Drinks

Altina (Alan + Christina) is based on the brand principles of nature, science and exceptional design.


They have used their combined science smarts to blend ideas and ingredients with mastery, to create unexpected, intriguing and satisfying drinking experiences.  Altina is a company built out of passion.  That is, a passion for shared drinking occasions and the connection it inspires that leads us to never compromise.


Sobah Beverages

Proudly Aboriginal owned and led, Sobah are the original ''AF'' pioneers and were indeed Australia's first non-alcoholic craft beer company. The organisation is run by husband-wife team Clinton and Lozen Schultz. Dr Schultz (a total legend!) and his wife Loz are based on beautiful Kombumerri country, a part of the Yugambeh language regions, known as the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

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