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Approved Content for hosts + media outlets

We've spent almost a decade crafting our message, language, and tone. To ensure you're also representing the essentials accurately - we've put together a content kit to help, and we'd ask that you use this language and these introductions:

Please note - we need all media sent to us for a check before publication. This is a non-negotiable of ours and is how we protect the integrity of what we've worked hard to build. Simply send us your content or social media tiles, etc to, and we will check/confirm, and amend if needed.

Have you got our up-to-date logo/s?

Please ensure you're using the correct versions.


​Correct short intro option for Sober in the Country Ltd charity:

SITC is a grassroots not-for-profit leading radical change and social impact across rural Australia by changing the narrative around booze in the bush through straight talk, powerful lived-experience advocacy, and the #OK2SAYNO movement. Far from being prohibitionist - the charity focuses on straight talk, peer support, social inclusion, and the #OK2SAYNO movement.

Longer BIO / INTRO for Shanna + SITC:

Shanna Whan is the rural woman, founder, CEO, and face behind SITC. She is an Australian of the Year recipient who decided to ''do what she could to be part of the change'' after overcoming her own lifelong battle with trauma-linked alcohol addiction and almost losing her own life in 2015. Today, SITC is a nationally respected grassroots organisation changing and saving lives and preventing generational harm. Far from being anti-alcohol; the charity focuses on straight talk, peer support, social inclusion, and the #OK2SAYNO movement. Shanna lives in rural north west NSW with her husband Tim.

Pronunciation for our founder, Shanna:

Please note if you are interviewing Shanna, the correct pronunciation is: Shanna-like-Anna | Whan-like-Swan (if you're struggling please just feel free to say ''Shan'')

Up to date images of Shanna:

Below is a large selection of up-to-date images of Shanna - including studio, fancy, paddock, etc. Please don't use old images - as we believe in authenticity and current imagery as core to our brand. 

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