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Approved Content for hosts + media outlets

IMPORTANT INFO: At SITC, we've spent almost a decade painstakingly crafting our message, language, and tone. That's why we have put together a content kit (below) to ensure you accurately represent the charity, Shanna, and our 'SITC style'. It's also why we have a non-negotiable golden rule in place that anybody we travel to, visit, or collaborate with, please take a moment to check the details and send any cross-promotional content to us at to proof and check. (This includes stories, tiles, social media posts, podcast intros, etc.)


  • First up: have you got our up-to-date logo/s?

  • Please click here to download and/or ensure you're using the correct versions.

  • Second: do you have a current/up-to-date image of Shanna? These are included for you, below.


Acceptable language around addiction:

To help us ensure user-friendly conversations and to honour SITC's brand, please be sure to stick with phrases such as alcohol abuse, misuse, dependence, addiction, or harm. We ask that you refrain from referring to people as ''alcoholics'' - as it's further stigmatising people and labelling individuals 'as their disease' rather than someone struggling with a disease. So, for example, you can say, 'someone living with alcohol addiction.' *Having said that, we also wholeheartedly respect that an individual might self-identify as an alcoholic, in which case - all you need to do is please check, ask, and be sure - and that way, everyone is respected and honoured accordingly.

​Have you got the correct short intro option for SITC?

SITC is a grassroots not-for-profit pioneering radical change and social impact across rural Australia by changing the narrative around booze in the bush. Far from being prohibitionist ... this small charity is all about social inclusion - and is achieving massive things using straight ''bush'' talk, powerful lived-experience advocacy, cand their nationally recognised #OK2SAYNO mental health movement. 

If you have Shanna as a speaker, radio guest - here is the correct BIO / INTRO for Shanna (+ SITC):

Shanna Whan is the rural woman, founder, CEO, and face behind SITC. She's an Australian of the Year recipient who decided to ''do what she could to be part of the change'' after almost losing her life to alcohol addiction in 2015. Today, through her tireless advocacy, SITC has grown from an online blog into a nationally respected grassroots not-for-profit, shifting the entire conversation around boze in the bush. And it's saving and changing lives. Far from being anti-alcohol, the charity focuses on the connection between mental health and alcohol abuse and harm using straight talk and the #OK2SAYNO movement. Shanna lives in rural northwest NSW with her beloved menagerie, and husband, Tim.

The correct pronunciation for Shanna:

Please note that if you are interviewing Shanna, the correct pronunciation is: Shanna-like-Anna | Whan-like-Swan (if you're struggling, please just feel free to say ''Shan'')

Up-to-date images of Shanna:

Below is a large selection of up-to-date images of Shanna - including studio, fancy, paddock, etc. Please don't use old images - as we believe in authenticity and current imagery as core to our brand. 

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