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SITC Bush Tribe

''We do not heal in isolation, but in community.''

The Bush Tribe is our peer-to-peer online community to connect rural and remote Australians with a shared wish to cut back or quit alcohol. This is not a substitute for professional support or clinical advice but a safe place to land, share, and to simply begin to learn how to be sober in the country. This is a close-knit and lovingly curated group with a non-negotiable code of conduct and ethics in place, and there's the option for anonymous posting.

We created this safe space with a laser focus to support busy rural / remote Australians wanting to cut back or quit booze. A quick search online will bring up endless list of groups you can join; so what you need to know is 'different' about us, and our Tribe, are these things:

  • we are laser-focused on rural and remote people - that's our lane

  • as a registered charity, we're non-negotiable about governance and duty-of-care

  • in other words, we do stuff with immense love for our members 

  • our admins are lived-experience experts with lengthy sobriety

  • our ethics are unapologetically old-school - we believe in manners and respect

  • we onboard *all* newbies through a rigorous application process to ensure everyone's protection

  • we don't represent any singular programme or a method 

  • whether you're 18 and ''sober curious'' or 48 and in a bad place, you are welcome.



Peer support needs to be supplemented with clinical / professional structured support. Check out the leading Australian organisations we work alongside that can provide additional free online support, and speak to your GP or clinician.

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