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safe | anonymous | non-judgemental | online | rural only | peer support


Support that's laser focused only on busy rural / remote Australians wanting to cut back or quit booze is something we began pioneering almost a decade ago. That means we've got a lot of hard-earned skin in the game exploring what works best specifically for online peer support (or as we call it, mates helping mates) in a group environment that connects you regardless of your rural or remote geographic location. 

A quick search online will bring an endless list of groups up - and we certainly aren't re-inventing the wheel here.

But what is different about us, and our Tribe, are these things:

  • we are absolutely non-negotiable about our focus on rural and remote people

  • if that isn't you there are plentiful options that already exist in your city and your back yard

  • as a registered charity, we are also non-negotiable about governance (aka, doing this stuff with immense care)

  • our admins are (and will always be) lived experience experts with lengthy sobriety themselves

  • our ethics are old-school ... we admin without apology on keeping the BT a polite, safe, nurturing space

  • we onboard newbies through the application form (above)

  • this is so that we can (a) help fight for you with the information, and (b) ensure you're the right fit.

  • we don't represent a programme or a method - this is PEER-to-peer support only

  • however we insist that members are also looking into a programme or guided stepwork of their choice

  • we don't use labels, absolutes, or mandates around anonymity

  • but the option to post anonymously is there for those who need it

  • we don't believe in one-size-for-all

  • we don't care if you're 18 and sober curious or 80 and thirty years sober - you are ALL welcome