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The Bush Tribe is our meticulously curated safe peer-to-peer online community that connects rural and remote Australians with a shared wish to cut back or quit alcohol with the option to post anonymously.

What you need to know is 'different' about us and our Tribe group:

  • The Bush Tribe is carefully curated for rural and remote Australians only 

  • It is a closed/private Facebook group with lived-experience admins

  • There is the option for ANONYMOUS posting

  • Joining requires a rigorous onboarding process

  • We're non-negotiable about duty-of-care

  • Ours is an unapologetically old-school group

  • It's a safe and non-judgemental space 

  • The Tribe is not a 'programme' or clinical professional support

  • We expect those who join are seeking additional support from health care providers as needed

  • Members don't preach or tell - we share

Groups online are nothing new. A quick search will bring up countless options. We aren't here to compete or chase numbers - we are here with a total laser focus on a very tight-knit community that safely connects rural and remote Australians choosing sobriety in small communities and geographic isolation. That's our lane.

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