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Bush Tribe Guidelines

We run the Bush Tribe through a Facebook private group because this is what's familiar to most users - and because these groups now have the added function/option for users posting anonymously. We ask that if you have ANY concerns about sensitive questions that you use this function. This is your responsibility.

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For everyone's benefit, we are very clear about what we do and what we don't do.

Here are the basics:

  • The group is for discussing what our lives were (or are) like with alcohol, what it's like without, and what we did or tried that was helpful.

  • We are here to share and support others, not to ''tell'' or instruct, or judge.

  • The Bush Tribe is not a substitute for professionals or for professional advice. Members can't use the group as a place to seek advice around complex personal questions around your relationships, health, finances, medication, rehab., etc.

  • The SITC Bush Tribe Private Facebook group is a separate page to our PUBLIC page which is Sober in the Country Ltd. It is your responsibility to use the correct and clearly marked group.

  • We'd love you to be 'who you are' in the group if possible - but we also understand completely that the rural space is very small. The new Facebook private groups include the option of ANONYMOUS posting - so use this at your discretion, and/or change your own Facebook profile, name, and settings as works best for you.

  • Having said that: we stand firmly by our charity philosophy that those of us with a shared wish to quit or stop drinking have the right to be NOT anonymous if that is their choice. Many of us are not. However - those who do choose to use their legal names expect the absolute right for total confidentiality within the group.

  • Anybody breaching member confidence that will be liable for legal action based on our strict member terms, conditions, and guidelines. Nothing shared or said within the group may be shared or used outside of the group.

  • We cannot monitor members posting under the influence of alcohol. So please take care of what you post, and when you post it, and be sure you are using the correct platform.

  • Above all else - get involved. What you put in here is what you'll get out.

  • Another of our philosophies is that members are fully responsible for using the community proactively and not passively.

  • Introduce yourself, ask questions, interact. We are all in this together. Zero judgement.

  • DO be mindful if posting content that might be considered triggering for others.

  • DO NOT use excessive foul language, bullying, political rants, abuse, slander, defamation, personal promotions, etc.

  • DO NOT share memes unless they're meaningful to you and you're attaching your own thoughts on why it resonates.

  • DO report any content of concern immediately.


  • SITC and The SITC Bush Tribe (along with our CEO Shanna Whan) do not, for one moment, present here as the 'solution' for individuals. Nor do we officially endorse or represent any one single programme, denomination, method, or way to sobriety.

  • Our purpose here is solely to be the creator and provider of a safe, monitored space FOR rural peers, BY rural peers, where others can safely chat around a common theme and similar goals.

  • If you're joining because you're hoping to quit alcohol altogether or cut back, it is expected that you will use the resources and networks we have collaborated and provided for you and not rely solely on just being ''in the group'' to move forward. We are a cheer squad and your family - but we need members to be taking their own action and steps independently of the group.

  • We expect everyone to understand and respect other people’s beliefs, opinions and personal experiences. Be non-judgmental and don’t make assumptions.

  • Whether you post anonymously or as ‘you’ is your choice – but we carry no responsibility around this. So think about it carefully.

  • Keep your log in details secure.

  • Report content. Please tell us if there’s content that may be causing a problem. Also use the report button if you are worried about someone.

  • Remember we have a range of people in here – and you need to be mindful about intense posts. If in doubt – precede a post with ‘’Trigger Warning’’ please.

  • If you are in crisis – you must contact your local emergency services. We are not a replacement or service, and we do not monitor the page 24/7 - so it is critical to your safety that you do not wait for us to respond. If you live in Australia, please call 000 if you (or anyone else) are in immediate risk of harm. If you live elsewhere, please contact your local emergency services.

  • All members must respect the privacy and confidentiality of other members by not sharing content from the Bush Tribe outside this forum - this includes capturing screenshots or taking photos of your peer-to-peer feed and copying and sharing people’s messages.

  • Monitoring of content and any deleting of posts is at the sole discretion of charity founder and CEO Shanna Whan and our executive assistant Felicity Nolen until we have additional support.

  • Unnecessarily antagonistic posts, negative posts, or anything breaching our basic guides will be removed immediately. We rely on members to abide by the guides and common sense. We don't tolerate any bullying, railroading, or drama.

MEDIA AND SITC :  Those who join and benefit from our charity tribe agree to abide by a strict code of conduct in the event an opportunity arises to speak publicly or within media (print or press). We expect that you'll immediately come “through us'' and use our expertise and experience to ensure SITC is represented accurately and not use media opportunities as leverage for your own personal gain. From time-to-time we will reach out and seek contributions from members, and in this case, adequate media training will be given to our members for their own safety and to ensure our charity and purpose is represented ethically. We are all about collaboration and working together.

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