There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

got a story for us?



We are so keen to hear from you.


Stories, testimonials, photos, thoughts and submissions are wanted, needed, and welcomed.

They can be submitted anonymously or not - your choice.


Whatever you're comfortable sharing. Could be a sentence - could be a chapter. We are all ears.

What we know is this:


Across rural Australia - there are hundreds of thousands of 'us' peeps either concerned about a loved one or ourselves when it comes to alcohol misuse  ... and through the national SITC family we have proven again and again that we can collectively make someone else's journey so much easier if we simply share. 

It's that simple. We change lives through connection, community, and compassion. We change lives by breaking outdated and ancient stigmas, and we have proven that, too.

If you have something to put forward we'd love:

  • at least 500 words

  • a bit about what your life was like before alcohol , and what it's like now that you have cut back or quit

  • what helped you

  • a photo of your choice (doesn't need to be ''you'' - it just needs to show a rural vibe) - and iphone pix are ok.

  • please don't use bad language and remember to be 'user friendly'

  • minor edits might be done as necessary but nothing is blogged without author approval

  • submissions are not paid - but will be credited by the charity under the publishing name of choice

  • the strongest stories will be considered for later publication in our CEO & founder Shanna's book 

Remember - each time we share our truth, we are helping others.

You might think your story is ''nothing'' but it could be EVERYTHING to another rural person who has spent their entire life not identifying with another person.

Please send your submissions and photo to and one of our magical unicorn minions will get in touch. And yes, we love a sense of humour. (As our CEO Shan frequently says - sober does not equal boring. Ever).