There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

keen to donate or help?

OPTION 1 : old school donations are epic.

OPTION 2 : ways to help for zip, zero, nada:

We get a lot of messages from community members asking to help and asking how they can help. Which is just so very humbling. Thank you. It means more than you can ever know.  


In time we'll call for ambassadors, collaborators and volunteers ... but for now - our workload is immense and '''we'' are just Shan as a volunteer for 4 years + Flip as a helper since late last year.


We can't pay contributions just yet as we get this charity up and humming. That will change quickly, though - but we are still in the 'build' phase and learning as we go.


Nothing like this has ever been seen or done before in the rural space - and Shanna's intention as the boss lady is to do it VERY, very well, which takes time, money, and years.

We are (currently) unfunded by government and our donations to date have been from the amazing rural community and our cousins further afield.

So if you'd like to morally support us here's how you can help without spending a cent: 

  • please feel free to share / tag / contribute by sharing our page, our posts, and by tagging political leaders when something resonates - because that's how our message travels best.

  • we are seeking corporate sponsors, leaders, and collaborations for 2020 - so if you're keen to connect; PLEASE do reach out - as we are actively now seeking risk-takers with bold visions to partner with

  • Alternatively : our CEO Shanna is now taking bookings for speaking in 2020 so please holler if you'd like to have a national keynote speaker present at your next corporate training day, function, or event. All money raised goes back into the charity, so, yay! Bookings can be made here.

  • Last but not least - we NEED YOUR STORIES - because the greatest impact we can have on others is by sharing our own story. If you're a rural or regional professional with a story about cutting back or giving up the grot - we would love to hear your contributions - please submit your own story here