If you'd like to ask Shanna along to your event in person, please take a moment to read the essential information below - and, have a COVID backup plan lined up for 'just in case' you need to switch to online contributions. We are all having to learn how to do that, unfortunately, and it doesn't look like changing any time soon. So have a plan in place.




When travelling, speaking, and presenting, Shanna is meticulous on detail and preparation (whether an MC, panelist, or keynote) and wants to ensure the absolute best outcome for you. Here are the things we need you to know for that to happen:

  • first up: evening events where alcohol is served are not a problem!!!

  • Remember, we are NOT anti-alcohol - we are pro-education & awareness.

  • we DO ask that you've got a sparkling water on hand for Shanna, though.

  • ALL speaker-fees are paid directly into the charity as tax-deductible donations

  • a minimum of 30 minutes is required for Shanna at an event

  • for large groups - PLEASE ensure a quality working microphone and sound-system is provided, along with back-ups, spare batteries, testing etc done BEFORE the event

  • please ensure that a presentation does NOT clash with food service / distractions

  • please also advise us on what equipment you have in terms of screens, etc.

  • adequate pre-arranged seating must be organised by the host well before kick-off to ensure a cohesive and inclusive 'crowd' environment where all attendees are comfortable and within hearing range, facing forward, etc (this applies especially to rural events)

  • if you are inviting Shanna to MC - we will need adequate information well before the event


Remember: Shanna travels as an ''ambassador'' for SITC and all speaker fees to go the charity.

  • We will send a specific quote to you based on your event, requirements and travel. 

  • The more detailed information you can give us, the easier the process is.

  • Our speaker-fees are in line with Shanna's national public profile, experience & skill 

  • Sometimes, we donate our time altogether. There are various factors at play.

  • Our aim is to work around your needs - always.

  • We tailor trips according to whether you're a NFP or a corporate - so when you let us know who you are, what you want, where the event is - we will quote accordingly.

  • SITC receives no Government support or funding > so when we hit the road, it's not funded

  • We suggest you investigate local grants via your Primary Healthcare Network (PHN) and or local sponsorship and support from businesses, council, etc. 


Breakdowns on various travel costs for you to estimate :

  • flights are charged to the host in line with pricing at time of confirmed booking

  • car hire : 4WD vehicle hire (independent transport) is required for remote areas

  • accommodation, meals & incidentals are at SITC's discretion and charged back to host

  • events further than 200km from 'home base' will require overnight accommodation and possibly a second night depending on timing. 

  • for regional travel fuel is charged at .74c/km

  • our travel agent & booking fee will also be in your invoice

  • for any TV or stage work; makeup and styling to be covered by the host

  • for remote locations - please let us know your nearest airport, carriers, and easiest route 

  • always allow a day either side of rural events for rest after travel

  • if inviting SITC to a remote location - please ensure there is separate, quiet, independent accommodation option for Shanna ... she gives her absolute all at events and is unapologetic about needing to rest, reboot, and recover.

  • Her health and wellbeing is non-negotiable, and part of her ongoing recovery story.

CHARITY CONCESSIONS : as mentioned above, concessions on speaker fees can be negotiated and discussed for other NFP's, small community events and charities in exchange for ''in-kind'' promotion; such as the cross-sharing of our website and SITC logos etc in the promotions and advertising leading to your event.


  • a $600 deposit is required to secure Shanna Whan in advance of an event 

  • Deposits are non-refundable if the host cancels less than one month before the event

  • If an event is impacted by weather, natural disasters, or unforeseen circumstances (including COVD-19); this will be viewed as unforeseen losses incurred by the host

  • SITC will not be liable to refund flights, accommodation, car hire, transfers, etc.

  • Only the speaker portion of the fee will be remitted, if already paid in full.


  • Shanna can fly from Tamworth / Narrabri but options are limited - so lead time is vital

  • Sydney and Brisbane are each about a 7 hour drive away