For those who might not be aware - there is a proverbial explosion globally and nationally across the trending ''AF'' (alcohol free) and NA (no alcohol) beverages markets - along with a tremendous surge in pop-up sobriety pages, instagram accounts, etc. promoting giveaways and offers to trial the new and emerging drinks. 

We at SITC are all about sharing the right to social inclusion and choice - and we love seeing so many options and alternatives emerging.  We are not anti-alcohol and we are not anti-alcohol imitations; but we DO view it as a non-negotiable duty of care to always ensure consumers are fully informed on any potential risks in this space; and while there's no ''one size for all'' - it's a fact that those in early recovery are particularly vulnerable and can be at risk using products that replicate alcohol ~ hence our decision to always advise caution and care for those who may find them triggering.

For this reason, SITC has partnered with one of the earliest adult beverage alternative suppliers - ETCH Sparkling - as these are the only drinks not replicating the smell or taste of alcohol - and that's something we are very happy and comfortable recommending to everyone.

Additionally, ETCH donates 'back' to our community with any sales from our site.  If you'd like to try their delicious sparkling native infusions - simply visit the site, and be sure to enter

For other AF options from a point of sale that we know is also including disclaimers and advice for those potentially vulnerable community members we recommend you visit Sober Sommelier.

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