Where do I go to get started if I want help?

We've compiled the resources most helpful for rural and remote people here.

How can I help / connect / contribute / or donate?

We are a registered national charity with DGR status (meaning tax deductible recipient status) and you can donate in a couple of minutes through our online portal here. And of course you can help in many other ways also outlined. 

Can I work with Shanna one-on-one?

Unfortunately, no. Shanna is severely time-poor and carrying an enormous load. And, she isn't a counsellor or a psychologist. She works through broad scale advocacy and as a speaker. If you're rural, she is active (online) in the Bush Tribe daily. If you want to learn more about her story and what she experienced there is a huge raft of media, stories, and podcasts here.

How do I join the Bush Tribe?

Click here, fill out the form, and stand by while we process and respond. The reason we ask new members to fill out a form is for privacy & protection: two things we are strict on.

Is the Bush Tribe a programme?

No it is 100% peer support based - meaning, those of us who are involved share our stories and support each other from a rural, lived-experience place. The BT is not affiliated with any organisation or programme as our philosophy is strictly based in our belief that ''there is no one size for all'' ... so we don't tell, or judge, or instruct - we just stand by our friend choosing to drink less or not at all. We've got people from all walks of life, all ages, all beliefs and they all do their own 'thing' in terms of programmes or structured support. We have resources listed here for individuals to explore.


I am from the media - how do I get in touch?

Just head to our Bookings page where you'll find plenty of info.

Do you take story contributions?

YES, yes and yes. Our passion lies in amplifying messages and YOUR VOICES from all across the bush. Whether you spent a month booze free or you've decided to quit for good, we love to share your stories, and your progress. Submit a yarn here at our contact page. 

Does Shanna travel upon invitation and present in person? On air / radio / webinar?

She does indeed and you can book here. Please be aware that her time is increasingly short, so early bookings and big lead times are ESSENTIAL.

Do you have merchandise?

YES, we sure do. Trucker caps, Tees, and tanks. AND - work shirts will arrive n MAY 2021!

Visit our merch page here to order.

I have a family member I am worried about. What do I do? Where do I go?

SITC exists for the person fighting the addiction but we hope, one day, to create a rural space online for family members, too. For now we have a few suggestions on our resources page. But also we'd recommend you search and join a Facebook or online group.