What exactly you do?

Similarly to RUOK? Day making it okay to discuss mental health - we are making national social impact and change by making it #OK2SAYNO to beers by supporting our mates who choose not to drink. It is extremely simple but effective - because we've taken six years to gently crack the lid on this chat few are prepared to try have.

We're a very small team (2) blessed to be making a huge impact in our target demographic of busy rural and remote Australians who, when they acknowledge they want to change behaviours, struggle desperately to find connection, and support.

We work currently in two main areas:

  • broad-scale advocacy & impact (via our social media, public speaking, podcasts etc)

  • peer support through our online platform at the Bush Tribe,


Can you give me one-on-one advice? Are you a service provider?

No. We are not presenting as a programme or coaching service. Those are not our aims or goals. Our aim is in sharing lived-experience & truth from a front line perspective, and facilitating peer yarns.  There are already endless coaching services and resources available which are federally or state funded (we are neither) and therefore have the capacity for the immense volume of help required across Australia. Our job, as we see it, is to be the ones to drive the conversations in the bush sector (we live here, we get it) and to encourage people to take the steps to (a) want the change, then (b) use those resources along with our peer-to-peer group (the Bush Tribe) to make the change.

Do you take story contributions?

YES, yes and yes. Our passion lies in amplifying messages and YOUR VOICES from all across the bush. Whether you spent a month booze free or you've decided to quit for good, we love to share your stories, and your progress. Submit a yarn here at our contact page here

Does Shanna travel upon invitation and present in person? On air / radio / webinar?

She does indeed and you can book here. Please be aware that her time is increasingly short, so early bookings and big lead times are ESSENTIAL. She'd like you to know that all her speaker-fees and appearance payments go directly back into the Sober in the Country Ltd charity fund. We ask for donations for podcasts and lengthy interviews to help cover our time.

Do you have merchandise?

YES, we sure do. Trucker caps, Tees, and tanks. AND - work shirts will arrive n MAY 2021!

Visit our merch page here to order.

How can I help /connect / contribute / or donate?

We are a registered national charity with DGR status (meaning tax deductible recipient status) and you can donate in a couple of minutes through our online portal here. And of course you can help in many other ways also outlined. If you have an idea for collaboration or want to send Shanna a message please send an enquiry via our contact form with as much detail and clarity as possible.

I have a family member I am worried about. What do I do? Where do I go?

SITC exists for the person fighting the addiction but we hope, one day, to create a rural space online for family members, too. For now we have a few suggestions on our resources page. But also we'd recommend you search and join a Facebook or online group.

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The Sober in the Country Ltd charity is grateful for seed-funding in 2020 from these extraordinary donors.