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- from Industry Professionals

Sarah Harris, Studio 10 host: ''Shanna is real, raw, & authentic.''

Billy Moore, NRL player & presenter: ''the SITC message is important and powerful and it needs to be actioned by our community.''

Mia Freedman: ''Shanna's an absolute bloody legend!''

Steve Price, 2GB Radio Sydney: ''Shanna is a powerful and authentic voice for the bush.''

Caitlin Shea, Australian Story Executive Producer: ''Shanna is a leading talent with a powerful story.''

Ben Cheshire, Producer of 'Last Drinks' Australian Story: ''Shanna is a natural speaker and storyteller with an infectious sense of mischief and an uncanny ability to involve and disarm her entire audience..''

Brooke Hanson, OAM + Olympian: ''Shanna's authentic delivery will without doubt save lives and make a difference. I thank her for empowering Aussies to look at themselves.''

Natarsha Belling, Channel 10: ''Shan is pure heart and soul. She's a bush gem.''

Ernie Dingo, TV Personality: ''co-hosting an event with Shanna was a piece of cake.''

Costa Georgiadis, TV Presenter & Celebrity: ‘’Shan is a totally connected and engaged professional. Working alongside her as she was an MC meant that (as a guest) I could hit the ground running and direct my energies to the right place at the right time. Shanna is extremely articulate, informed, prepared - but also extremely quick, spontaneous, and funny.''

Craig Hamilton, Australia’s leading men’s mental health speaker: ‘’Shanna is an absolute rock star! She speaks with authority, integrity and lived experience - and that is priceless.’’