1. DONATIONS: we are a national, registered & independent not-for-profit bush charity. In other words we get no support from either state or federal Government. In fact we now opt to remain independent of #Auspol by choice, because we don't see the response that should be forthcoming from leadership, so we just decided to make it happen. And, thanks to seed funding and various donors, we can. Our team is tiny but our impact is huge. We, do, however, desperately need more staff and assistance. So the most helpful thing for us is boring old donations. If you can't do that, there are 7 other options below!

2. JUST PASS IT ON: Every single time somebody shares a post, tags our charity or supports our it's ''OK2SAYNO'' campaign - it becomes part of a national rural ripple effect, and it is honest-to-God changing lives. 

3. GRAB SOME MERCH: We have a big merchandise range designed for rural mates. Whether you enjoy a cold one or can't or choose not to, that's fine! We LOVE it when you wear our merchandise and tag us in a snap.

4. SHARE YOUR STORY: If you've got a photo or story or thought to share we love hearing from you. Nothing is more powerful than a shared experience. Visit our contact page and submit a yarn.

5. EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST AS A VOLUNTEER: As yet, we aren't set up for events but we absolutely will be in time. And we will no doubt be keen to borrow the skills of those within the community who can volunteer their time and love in other ways. Email admin@soberinthecountry.org with your thoughts.

6. COLLABORATE: If you reckon we could collaborate - please email admin@soberinthecountry.org with your thoughts. We will only ever consider making official arrangements with other registered organisations, registered charities, or businesses focused on people before profit or personal gain, and a strong stance on duty of care.

7. KEEP US UNDER THE NOSE OF DECISION-MAKERS : If you can also see the clear and present need for a future sustainable Australia through future sustainable regional and rural Australians (namely, the skilled men and women who run our regional industries and are part of the food supply chain) then feel free to tell those in positions of influence about our work. Please note, political leaders know exactly who we are and what we are up to. So the BEST thing you can do is tag your local member in our posts and keep putting this issue on the frontlines.

8. INVITE SHANNA TO YOUR EVENT AS A SPEAKER: Our CEO/founder/creator Shanna is an accomplished public speaker and travels upon invitation to speak, present, and get her boots dirty as often as possible because she's a boots-and-jeans girl with a burning wish to be on the ground as much as possible! Visit our bookings page here for testimonials, information, and more. ALL keynote / speaker fees also go directly back to the charity.

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The Sober in the Country Ltd charity is grateful for seed-funding in 2020 from these extraordinary donors.