how's it winter already?

Hi everyone,

In the newsletter I will cover:

  • lockdown and increased drinking

  • the raw egg challenge

  • our new partnership with ETCH

  • the Bush Tribe : launching July 2020

  • we have a new director incoming .... 

So, how'd lockdown treat you all?

Or is it anyone else wondering if that was just 'round one' down, an we've got another to come? EEK.

I am finding the world a stranger and stranger place to dwell, and recently cut my personal social media accounts back drastically for a bit of self-preservation and sanity. Many of you have said you're feeling the same.

There's been a lot of overwhelm. On that note - during lockdown we worked really hard (and continue to) alongside leading national allies such as FARE Australia, Hello Sunday Morning, The Cancer Council, and No FASD Australia to raise awareness around the very real, clear and present dangers of excessive alcohol use during isolation.

We saw the rural ''raw egg'' challenge come and go, and we reached out to Beyond Blue to check a few facts and discovered they were indeed completely unaware of the drinking challenge going viral in their name. The following day they issued a statement encouraging yarns around mental health while making the sensible statement that neither the challenge nor treating mental health 'with' grog was an endorsed fundraiser. Then, in an unexpected and incredible turn of events, a huge lift in traffic came our way and rural people opted to upload their own version, declining alcohol, and donating to SITC, and honouring their mates who've had to get sober for their mental health. It was a really beautiful display of solidarity for which we were tremendously grateful.

We have a new partnership on the go and we're stoked to share that you can now source ETCH Sparkling (alcohol free boutique adult drinks) through our website and while doing so will be contributing a few bucks to the charity! All the details are here:

In MASSIVELY EXCITING news - we can share that in July our Bush Tribe platform will be launching. When we kicked off SITC as a yarn, and before it was a charity and me the CEO, we started up a Facebook private page. It quickly grew and grew and grew and today we have close to 1,000 busy hard working rural peers and professionals actively helping to support each other to cut back or quit grog. Because the rural space is so teeny-tiny, we are migrating from Facebook to an excellent online platform that functions in much the same way but affords much tighter security and anonymity for members who need it for work. So, that's happening. Stay tuned on the socials or here:

I need to acknowledge and thank our Special Ops Manager Flip for her gargantuan efforts to set this up. Words aren't enough to explain the gratitude I have for this amazing woman in our lives.

Finally - we have a new director joining us soon. We will give you a hint that it's a man we love and who you're all probably a little bit familiar with in some way. Stand by for more on that.

In July I am heading to the Big Smoke for professional speaker training AND for leadership training. Both of these opportunities have only been made possible because of the generosity and support of others. The speaker-training was a donation from BackTrack Boys founder and Australian Hero of the year, Bernie Shakeshaft. The leadership training has been given through a scholarship from FitMind Coaching and their incredible founders, Sheena and Annie. I am ecstatic and grateful - and as always - the intent with any of these opportunities is to ensure it's filtered straight down the line to benefit those we support.

Life is busier than ever - and I continue to be ridiculously grateful to : The Snow Foundation, The Yulgilbar Foundation, our rural donors, and our bush tribe.

Shanna xx

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The Sober in the Country Ltd charity is grateful for seed-funding in 2020 from these extraordinary donors.