Bush Tribe member Matty Tonkin's POWERFUL testimony about how connecting with others changed his life. Note: please contact us via the website if you wish to speak about ambassadors. And please visit the Bush Tribe if you're seeking support.

We worked with Australian Story on an episode called ''Last Drinks'' in 2019. While everything you will see here is still relevant - a lot has changed for Shanna and our charity since. This is the perfect ''backstory'' to SITC if you haven't seen it yet.

This is the package and preview for the Australian of the Year awards in 2022 - which is a nutshell 3 minute look into the ''why'' also.

We worked with Shaun Micallef for a 3-part series called ''On the Sauce''. Here's the preview. To watch the full 3 episodes visit ABC iview.

in 2017 we joined SBS for an episode called ''Wine O'Clock'' which discussed women over 40 drinking.

Between lockdowns, we represented the rural space in a national sellout event in Melbourne from Rethink Addiction. Watch here.

Shanna represents SITC at the Opera House on International Women's Day in 2020 alongside Clementine Ford, Yumi Stynes and Jill Stark to discuss 'sober curiosity'.


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Join Lise and Sarah as they chat with SITC's Shanna Whan about life over 40, sobriety, and other stuff. 

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Dr Clinton Shultz, founder and pioneer of AF drinks & Gamilaroi man chats with Shanna Whan about the challenges of starting something before it was cool.

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Shanna and Mia Freedman have an in depth conversation through No Filter. Click on tile to listen.

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Australian television icon and sober warrior Osher Gunsberg chats with Shanna about SITC and the charity work.

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Join the Graziher girls and Emily Herbert as Shanna Whan discusses her story on an emotional podcast.

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Shan Whan & Shaun Micallef have a super casual Zoom chat off the back of ABC's documentary ''On the Sauce'' (see below to watch the 3-part series).

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Shanna is invited to join Australia's leading sobriety advocated to discuss rural Australia's unique drinking challenges with the Rise Revolution team. Click the tile to listen.

Shanna joins the Studio 10 team in 2019 to discuss alcohol and women.

Long before SITC became ''known'' founder Shanna Whan voluntarily contributed her lived-experience story for seven years over multiple national media platforms to honour her personal philosophy and commitment to ''go first for as long as it took until others found their own voice and courage to speak, too''.


Now that others are doing that, she's happy to step back and be the ''teller'' of other stories, and SITC's vision is to amplify many, many more voices.

Please note: the re-telling personal traumas over and over has taken a huge personal  toll on Shanna, and while she is happy to head up SITC in an advocacy role, she's no longer choosing to delve into those places; because it's all been told many times - and anybody is welcome to listen to these various versions of the story in immense detail here :