Our founder Shanna contributes regularly across various national media platforms including podcasts, TV, live forums, MC-ing, radio, etc. Catch up on our latest work below; or click here to book.

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Join Lise and Sarah as they chat with SITC's Shanna Whan about life over 40, sobriety, and other stuff. 

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Dr Clinton Shultz, founder and pioneer of AF drinks & Gamilaroi man chats with Shanna Whan about the challenges of starting something before it was cool.


We represent the rural space in a national sellout event in Melbourne. Watch here.

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Shanna and Mia Freedman have an in depth conversation through No Filter. Click on tile to listen.

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Australian television icon and sober warrior Osher Gunsberg chats with Shanna about SITC and the charity work.

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Join the Graziher girls and Emily Herbert as Shanna Whan discusses her story on an emotional podcast.

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Shan Whan & Shaun Micallef have a super casual Zoom chat off the back of ABC's documentary ''On the Sauce'' (see below to watch the 3-part series).


Our CEO Shanna joins Shaun Micallef on a 3 part series ''On the Sauce'' (SITC features in episode 3 - linked via ABC TV + iview below)

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Shanna is invited to join Australia's leading sobriety advocated to discuss rural Australia's unique drinking challenges with the Rise Revolution team.


Our November 2019 Australian Story episode ''Last Drinks''

delves into some of the back story of how SITC came about


Shanna speaks as a panelist on SBS Insight in 2016. Click the image to watch.

Shanna joins the Studio 10 team in 2019 to discuss alcohol and women.


Shanna speaks at International Women's Day 2020 alongside Clementine Ford, Yumi Stynes and Jill Stark to discuss 'sober curiosity'.

links to all other interviews including radio:


ABC Mt Isa and SITC discussing Dry July


Great Australian Lives Podcast with Shanna and Laura Turner


Shanna speaks with Bernie Shakeshaft (Australian Hero of the year 2020)



ABC Country Hour - Shanna Whan and SITC Members

ABC Country Hour investigates the stories of 5 members of SITC (this one is VERY powerful.)

Podcast with Shanna & Hayley Dawson: The Rural Naturopath > talking about holistic health & recovery


AgriFutures Australia newsletter with guest alumni Shanna Whan (2017 Rural Woman of the Year finalist)


UPL Australia Podcast on lockdown / agriculture / what next with Sports reporter Sam Edmund



Yass FM interview (COVID, grog advertising, and more)


ABC New England North West


Chris Raine @ Hello Sunday Morning interviews Shanna:


Shanna Whan with Clementine Ford, Yumi Stynes, and Jill Stark at The Opera House

Opera House with Clementine Ford, Yumi Stynes and Jill Stark ''Sober Curious'' talk (STRONG language warning.)


Magazine Feature with Primer

Primer Magazine's ''Meet the New Wave of Sobriety Influencers''


ABC National Chat

ABC Radio National with Sarah Howells (tune in at the 1:40 mark)

ABC https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-18/why-shanna-whan-wants-you-to-know-its-ok-to-say-no-to-a-beer/11639064

Ben Dobbin Triple M interview

PART 1 (Ben Dobbin) https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=450366

PART 2 (Ben Dobbin) https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=450369

Thargomindah Channel Country Ladies Day Write-up

QCL https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/6450052/sober-in-the-channels/

Shanna challenging John Barilaro on Studio 10

STUDIO 10 LIVE CROSS https://twitter.com/studio10au/status/1154185933069139968

Shanna speaks with Steve Price

2GB https://www.2gb.com/tag/shanna-whan/


SMH Op Ed - Shanna takes on John Barilaro

OPINION PIECE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD https://www.smh.com.au/national/a-bush-survivor-of-everyday-alcoholism-challenges-deputy-premier-on-booze-pricing-20190724-p52a83.html

Up For a Chat with Cindi O'Meara at Changing Habits

'UP FOR A CHAT' http://thewellnesscouch.com/uc/uc-342-sober-in-the-country-with-shanna-whan

The Bubble Hour

THE BUBBLE HOUR https://player.fm/series/the-bubble-hour/shanna-whan-of-sober-in-the-country




SBS INSIGHT Episode 'Wine O'Clock)



SBS In Focus

SBS 'In Focus' : ''The movement taking the shame away from drinking''