PRONOUNCED Shanna-like-Anna, Whan-like-swan

CEO, Founder : Sober in the Country Ltd

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BIO: Shanna Whan is the CEO, founder, and force behind national charity Sober in the Country. She's a self-described ''garden variety recovered alcoholic'' who was fortunate enough to make it back from the brink of death - and chooses to use her very imperfect life and story to pay it forward and offer hope for those still in the fight. She loathes the word 'influencer' and the description of sobriety as 'trendy' because she has seen, first-hand, the life-and-death truth of this struggle for some.

She risked it all when going public after rebuilding her life from ground zero at the age of forty and going on to spend 15,000 volunteer hours in the 'trenches' to start a conversation around making it okay to say no thanks to beers in the bush.

Against all odds - today Shanna is a respected leader in the alcohol awareness space, and her conversations have become a national charity with a laser-focus on bringing 'common sense' talk and advocacy to the overlooked demographic of hard working rural, regional, and remote Australians who are more than familiar with the concept of living in ''isolation.'' 


Shanna travels and speaks nationally upon invitation and the SITC national charity is now aligned with the major national alcohol awareness groups and key influencers across the national alcohol space.

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The Sober in the Country Ltd charity is grateful for seed-funding in 2020 from these extraordinary donors.