There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

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Shanna Whan has single-handedly been creating a positive culture-shift across Australia's outback by an inclusive conversation that's making it ''OK to say no to a beer.''

The 2018 Rural Woman of the Year finalist and now 2020 Regional Woman of the Year finalist officially announced ''Sober in the Country Ltd'' as a national charity the same week her story went to air on Australian Story in 2019 and off the back of 5 years spent entirely as a volunteer to get the ''truth about grog in the bush'' into the light and with the sole intention of pulling people out of the river before they drown in the overlooked demographic of rural professional and peers.

Today she travels and speaks across the nation and as the CEO and Founder of the charity to educate, inform, MC, and deliver useful and relatable information to health industry workers, students, corporate bodies, communities - and to continue her fight for better services, support, and awareness for the men and women who get up, show up, and continue to feed and clothe the nation despite little or no support in the complex space of alcohol abuse, misuse, and addiction.

Her foundation was created off the back of her own near death experience as an invisible, undiagnosed and untreated high-functioning alcoholic who slipped through the cracks for most of her life. Her wish is to pay forward a message of hope, and to smash ancient and outdated stigmas around the truth of alcohol and its' impact in the rural sector - especially as drought, climate change, and sustainability are harder than ever for those ''west of the great divide'' ...

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IMPORTANT: any media (social, print, or press) is to be approved by Shanna Whan before going live or online. Due to the incredibly sensitive nature of the topic, SITC is non-negotiable on ensuring full fact checks are in place and that ethical balance and proper representation are clearly outlined whether it's around SITC as a brand, Shanna Whan as an individual, any of the Directors, and for any of the members within the SITC tribe.