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pronunciation: Shanna-like-Anna 


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Shanna Whan is the force behind Sober in the Country who has been single-handedly creating a national culture-shift across Australia's outback through her bold, inclusive conversations that it's ''OK'' when a mate says no thanks to a beer.

SITC is evolving rapidly since its charity status in late 2019 and it currently focuses on grassroots education, real talk and advocacy in a broadscale capacity (with tens of thousands of followers across the social media outlets). It's also home to a 'bush tribe' - a private and closed support group for peers that's currently helping over 700 rural professionals to cut back or quit alcohol.


Shanna travels and speaks nationally and is now aligned with key influencers across the national alcohol space.

But: the rural sector is her home and her passion, and after 10,000 volunteer hours to create this chat and launch a charity - she's successfully cracked wide open one of the most difficult conversations in the rural space.

Since late 2019 when the episode ''Last Drinks'' went national and international via Australian Story, Shanna has evolved from solo volunteer to CEO and a respected voice for the rural space in not just health and addictions, but across discussions around regional sustainability as a whole.


Shanna has been described as a tireless advocate, a fearless leader, and a woman not to be underestimated.


'' There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in ..... ''

 Desmond Tutu