The motto at SITC is that we ''do what we can with what we have,'' which is currently a focus on our 4 main pillars including: broad scale advocacy and our straight-talk / education, engagement with communities, collaborations, and the running of our peer group, the Bush Tribe.

In 2022, we're cementing partnerships with other organisations with the capacity to work with us and meet the massive need we've unearthed. This is all covered here.

Our vision is to source further funding so we can grow, and meet the huge demand while retaining our heart and soul and never becoming ''vanilla'' or out of touch with our home-grown feel.



We've spent 8 years now creating conversations, connections, and change in the bush. It began as one volunteer & 5 years of hard yakka before a collective was born. Today we reach up to 200,000 people through our various social media channels. We are amplifying the message that it's OK2SAYNO every day and we're saving and changing rural lives across the entire of the outback.



Our team of 2 people without government funding can obviously only do so much. But we work and align ourselves with all the leading AOD organisations across Australia and we've now found perfect alignments with others who can support us, and vice versa. Learn more here at our ''Need Help?'' page.



SITC's founder Shanna Whan fearlessly advocates, travels, speaks, and represents the bush around the 'other' silent pandemic of alcohol misuse and abuse. She asks hard questions over & over again of our city-centric leaders and constantly challenges them to understand that current initiatives are neither useful or effective for those who live in permanent ISO in the face of floods, droughts, fires, and now pandemics. 



SITC's anonymous online support group the Bush Tribe is home to hundreds of rural & remote Australians wanting to cut back or quit alcohol and who cannot access support where they are. It is a safe, friendly, non-judgemental space where members can have an anonymous username and be comfortable. It's basically a big bush family of all ages and backgrounds where mates are helping mates.