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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly does SITC do?
    SITC is a very small rural-focused not-for-profit online social impact organisation with a vision for a future rural Australia where everyone knows it's #OK2SAYNO to booze. We primarily work through using an online presence, voice, and carefully curated rural lived-experience language to drive social impact, awareness, and change. Our founder and CEO Shanna Whan (2022 Australian of the Year recipient) also travels and advocates as a keynote speaker, panelist, and TV guest at a national level upon invitation. Additionally we have a laser-focused online peer-to-peer support group called The Bush Tribe which is strictly for rural and remote Australians choosing to cut back or quit alcohol. The tribe is very closely moderated and carefully monitored, and users have optional anonymity. *The Tribe is NOT a programme nor representing a programme. We encourage our members to simply share safely and support each other while investigating a range of options and what works best for them. Finally, we share and tell stories that amplify the impact of our work. The up and coming Amplification Project will be a powerful example of a decade of our work. We are effectively casting a virtual net across rural Australia to ensure we ''do what we can with what we have'' to catch our mates, upstream, before they fall into the river of alcohol harm, misuse, and addiction. Sometimes - those we catch need a great deal more than peer-support and a safe place to talk. And, so, while SITC is not a funded service provider - we are now aligned with and working alongside the leading national Australian (reputable) organisations who specialise in AUD harm. These organisations have the staff, capacity, funding and resources to help our most vulnerable, including: free phone counselling, home-based tele-health detoxing, and more. You can find resources and links to further clinical help and support here.
  • Can I call Shanna for help?
    While Shan dearly wishes she could support every single person who reaches out - it simply isn't physically possible. She is increasingly time-poor and carrying an enormous load and has to be incredibly careful to have boundaries in place to protect her mental health. Shanna speaks publicly through SITC's advocacy work and is very active (daily) as a lived-experience expert in our Bush Tribe. She has, over the years, shared the intimate details of her story countless times on a huge range of national and international media platforms - so you can catch that on our Media page at your leisure.
  • I need help. Where do I go?
    If you're new here it's imperative you understand SITC is a small, grassroots charity with a specific focus on peer support through our Bush Tribe (for rural people) and advocacy. We aren't a replacement for clinical, medical, or professional support, and we don't (personally) have the capacity to provide one-on-one counselling or services. However if you visit our ''Need Support'' menu page, you'll find we have partnerships in place with other organisations who do have the capacity for amazing services including free phone / text counselling, supported clinical bush tele health detoxing, and more.
  • Is there somebody within SITC I can call and speak to to ask for help?
    No. In short: SITC is not a funded service provider, nor do we work in a one-on-one capacity or as a drug or alcohol counselling service. We are a very small organisation with a team of solely 3 staff, and our purpose lies in awareness, advocacy, and peer-to-peer support only. However our absolute aim it to ensure those in need get to support as soon as possible. That's why we are linked in and partnered with other large organisations who do have the government funding, staff, and capacity for service provision, counselling, and more. All of this is listed on our website under the SUPPORT tabs for you. We strongly recommend you look through all the information. Help is available.
  • Where do I donate / support SITC?
    Simply visit our donation page where you will find a QR code, and a Donorbox link. (And if you're old school, we have our bank details listed, too.) There are also other ways you can show your support - and they're linked on the Support Us page. Thank you! We only exist because of donations like yours. (Please note - SITC has DGR status.)
  • Where do my donations go?
    At the moment we're simply catching our breath and consolidating after 2022 . This summer, we will review (with our board and accountant) the next steps and plans for 2023 including an extra team member and our 'what next' ... We have two really big projects in the pipeline that involve amplifying our work and training speakers. Both require funding. If you visit our Social Impact page can download a PDF that delves into these discussions, what we're doing, and why.
  • How do I join the Bush Tribe?
    Just visit our Bush Tribe page, or go straight to the form - and submit that. We will take a day or two to get back to you (we manually process and check things here.) The reason we ask new members to fill out a form is for privacy & protection: two things we are fiercely strict on. Please remember: this is a peer group for for rural / remote people. If you're from the city or a large regional area we have friendly organisations we work alongside in our Need Support page who can help!
  • Is the Bush Tribe a programme?
    No. It is simply a peer-to-peer support group with the option for anonymity for those who need it. The Bush Tribe is not affiliated with any organisation or programme as our philosophy is strictly based in our belief that ''there is no one size for all'' ... so we don't tell, or judge, or instruct - we just stand by our friend choosing to drink less or not at all. We've got people from all walks of life, all ages, all beliefs and they all do their own 'thing' in terms of programmes or structured support (eg, SMART Recovery, AA, This Naked Mind, etc) which we encourage as necessary.
  • I am from the media - how do I get in touch?
    Just visit our Bookings page where you will find a media / content kit or head to the bottom of the website in our footer where you'll find how to contact us.
  • Can I volunteer somehow, or be an SITC speaker ?
    This is an FAQ of ours - and while we wish we could say yes, immediately (we need all the help we can get) .... it's not as simple as it sounds. SITC is still in a growth phase, and our first priority is to ensure we have the right funding, governance, and legalities in place. Then we can look at volunteers and speakers. Watch this space! But there are heaps of ways you can support us in the meantime, and they're outlined here for you.
  • I have a family member I am worried about. What do I do? Where do I go?
    SITC exists for the person fighting the addiction - but we do plan on creating a rural peer support space online for family members, too. The great news is that there are already excellent resources and online anonymous support options available for friends and family worried about a loved one. Visit our Need Support page where you'll find some excellent free online options.
  • How can I help SITC?
    We need all the support we can get. Whether you wish to donate, join our #OK2SAYNO campaign, fundraise, or share your story - the current best ways you can easily support us are covered on the Support Us section of the website - but please feel free to Contact Us if you have an idea outside the square, such as a fundraiser, etc.
  • Will you guys do a 'Sober in the City'?
    In short, no. 'Sober in the City' is already well and truly happening all across Australia, by many other names, pages, organisations, and charities. We have never been interested in re-inventing a wheel that already exists, and our lane is the bush. So we'll let the legends doing important work in the city keep doing that, and we will stay focused in our lane :)
  • Do you take story contributions?
    Absolutely. Our passion lies in amplifying messages and YOUR VOICES from all across the bush. Whether you spent a month booze-free, or you've decided to quit for good, we love to share your stories, and your progress. We have a form for you to fill out that explains best format, length, and more - it's here.
  • How do I book Shanna as a keynote / MC / panelist etc?
    Just head to our Bookings page and submit an enquiry there. All our speaker event fees go direct to the charity and are a tax-deductible expense. Please be aware that Shanna's time is increasingly short, especially for 2023 - so early bookings and big lead times are vital.
  • How do I get to an event where Shanna is speaking?
    We go where we are invited. Sometimes that is a private conference and other times it's a public event. We share our travels and upcoming events on our social media pages - so please keep an eye out.
  • How can I get merchandise?
    We have a great range of merchandise from stubby coolers and stickers to trucker caps to bucket hats, tanks, tees and winter sleeves. Just visit our online store here. PLEASE send us your merch photos to share! NOTE: what we have in stock is what is on the website. If you're chasing something you've seen online and it's no there, it's sold out, sorry.
  • I want to ask Shanna about how she built the charity ....
    We get a lot of emails asking Shanna's advice on starting a charity, and a lot of ''how to'' questions ... While Shan deeply wishes she could support everyone starting out - she no longer has the capacity for additional pro-bono advisory support. However - if you listen in to her years and years worth of very frank media and podcasting she does discuss starting a charity across these various mediums, so that will be helpful. What she'd love you to know is that founding and creating SITC was nothing simple or linear, and has taken the better part of a decade to figure out how to get sober and then start a charity and make it into something semi-sustainable. One day, she plans to write a book about these experiences. But as she says, ''it just came down to nothing more complicated than trying, failing, and being relentless.'' The ACNC (Australian Commission of National Charities) website has a wealth of information on NFP's and is your best start-point for research.
  • I want to discuss a partnership or proposal | idea to SITC - how can I best do that?
    We love hearing your thoughts and ideas. In the spirit of honesty - we're a tiny and very busy organisation which means we're often severely limited with time and capacity. So, what we'd ask is that if you're interested in discussing a partnership, proposal, idea (etc) that as a basic start point you please put a pitch or document together with very clear outlines as to who you are, what you're thinking, what your objectives are, and why you'd like to work with us. Please also include your website or social handles and all the basic links and info. You are welcome to email your detailed pitch and proposal to us via and we'll have a look when we can and if there is alignment and a path forward, we can go from there. ** Please note that as a rule we don't cross-promote or do plugs on our social media - rather, we just organically share and acknowledge others doing what we believe is valuable.
  • Can I submit my story?
    Absolutely you can. A huge focus of ours lies in amplifying the stories of rural men and women choosing to cut back or quit alcohol. Visit our Support Us page, where you'll find the info and a form that spells out everything for you under 'share your story' ...
  • I am in the sobriety space and want to arrange a chat with Shanna about some things - can I?
    We often get asked if our founder Shan has a few minutes to discuss business ideas with like-minded people in the AOD space. While she wishes she could say yes to everyone and talk shop all day - it's obviously not that simple in an already packed schedule and hectic workload. (Remembering that we're just a small grassroots charity and we don't have a big team around us to absorb admin and enquiries in the way large organisations do... ) So what we'd kindly ask is that you please put together a document outlining exactly what you'd like to discuss, and why, and to give us some 'homework' in the sense of key points about your discussion and what you'd like to achieve (etc, etc) so that we at least have a start point and see if we are aligned and what / where / how next. We'd really appreciate your help with that, first. Then just drop us a message via our 'contact us' page and we'll be in touch as and when we're able. Thanks a squillion.
  • Are ''AF'' (alcohol free) beer, wine, and spirit drinks safe for me?
    Alcohol free beer, wine, and spirits are among the fastest growing markets in the beverage industry globally. Just Google the search words ''zero alcohol'' or ''AF'' drinks - and prepare to be blown away. New accounts, options, manufacturers, marketers and influencers in this space are almost impossible to keep up with. They literally crop up by the dozen overnight. While ''AF'' drinks can certainly be a good fit and option for some folks in some scenarios; please be aware that they're actually a massive potential trigger and danger-zone for others because of how accurately they replicate the look, taste, smell, and even the 5 o'clock 'ritual' of alcohol. Also - please be aware that 'zero alcohol' drinks can have a small percentage of alcohol still present and still be legally marketed as ''0%.'' Neither us or anyone else can tell you what to do or what not to do, but we can absolutely confirm these drinks are linked to relapses for some people - and it's often those who are most vulnerable or not informed. SO: we strongly suggest you proceed down this path with immense caution, do your own research and investigation and make an informed decision. We'd also suggest that if in doubt - avoid them completely, and seek an alternative such as sparkling water with lemon or lime.
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