A Golden Opportunity for some in the months ahead.

As most of NSW now knows we have 90 days ahead in ‘’lockdown’’ whether we like it or not thanks to the COVID-19 virus.

While we totally and utterly acknowledge the many challenges and tremendous psychological and economic shock to every single family and person in Australia, we also wanted to take the opportunity today to focus on a huge potential positive and how 90 days in ‘isolation’ could, actually (for some) be a huge blessing if you’re thinking you need to quit alcohol for good.

Alternatively... if cutting booze out altogether isn't necessary for you: perhaps you'd simply like to give yourself the chance to use this time ahead to get fit, reboot, and ensure your immune system is in top-nick during this high-risk infection period. *Remembering we are being advised by medical professionals nonstop that alcohol and smoking are the number one risk-factors in the fight against this virus.

So how and why is 90 days in isolation potentially helpful?

Well, the first 90 days of alcohol-free life (or 'recovery' or whatever you choose to label it) is unquestionably the most important part of your choice to get free from alcohol ... because this is when relapse is at its highest and when everything is at greatest risk. This is the time when you've got to hunker down, bunker down, and work your butt off. This is a space in time that can literally set the tone and lay the foundations for life-after-booze.

Ergo, having all of life's endless distractions including social events, bars, and life as we know it temporarily put on hold gives an unexpected backhanded opportunity for some of us to focus wholey and solely on kicking off an alcohol-free life.

We also realise that it's been a huge shock to the system for those men and women fortunate enough (pre-COVID) to have had access to a range of face-to-face recovery support meetings suddenly facing alcohol-free life / sobriety / recovery in The Great COVID unknown.

But please encouraged that all is not lost - and the great news is that we have the INTERNET and, as those of us in the country have been doing for a long time can verify – it is 100% possible to get sober and stay sober even without traditional models of support.

So why not consider making this a golden opportunity?

Instead of thinking of it as ''lockdown'' have you considered thinking of it as an incredible unexpected opportunity of space to focus on your health and perhaps a sober life after COVID?

If that sounds like you, and you’ve been thinking of giving away the booze for a while or for good – here are some great suggested resources, programmes, and online tools that can help you get started today:



Sending love and encouragement to everyone -

Shanna & the SITC crew x

PLEASE NOTE: this is a general comment aimed at those who aren’t in urgent need of supervised detox and hospitalisation. We are not medical professionals – and we strongly recommend individuals seek medical support before embarking on recovery and/or quitting alcohol if there is any concern about dependence, withdrawal, etc. Visit our website Terms & Conditions for more.

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