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A nurse and unsung hero we need to recognise, acknowledge, and honour. Can you help us do that?

Australia - I need you to help me share a message and bring hugely overdue thanks, recognition, and honour to an 83 years-young retired Registered Nurse named Lindsay Rigby.

This incredible woman dedicated three decades of her life as a witness to alcohol related harms on the frontline working to bring change and awareness.

Lindsay contacted me via email, and she's followed SITC for a while now.

For an Easter wish; I want nothing more than to see this good woman's life's work recognised. Please help me do that?

Here are some of her words:

''Shanna, congratulations on your appearance and messages delivered via the media. To see and hear your progress brought tears to my eyes, given you are actually doing what I pursued, seemingly fruitlessly, for the past 20-30 years. When I was conducting my almost solo campaign many years ago, the connection between alcohol and DV was a strand I pursued. One afternoon, after attending a long commission on Alcohol Related Violence in Brisbane, it occurred to me that, to be really effective and if we are really serious about establishing a community wide campaign, we should embrace some of the tactics of the McGrath Foundation to highlight the cause. That afternoon, when I emerged from the commission, the Brisbane streets were festooned with banners promoting that foundation. At that time breast cancer was claiming about the same number of lives each year as alcohol, but what a different response. We need more than the annual wearing of a little white ribbon to publicise DV. I offer the above to hopefully add something to your campaign. I am too old now to initiate this myself (at 83) but if I can contribute to the conversation behind the scenes some of my fondest hopes might be realised.''

Australia, please, help me to help Lindsay realise her fondest hopes. It's so easily done. If you're home and bored - and you are somebody impacted by alcohol abuse or domestic violence - please take a moment to flick her an email at linzi37@bigpond.com

There has never been a more important time to recognise frontline workers or the unacceptable levels of alcohol related harm and injury in this country than right now.

I think if Lindsay was to receive a bunch of simple thank you messages for her work in alcohol awareness and advocacy it would be the most remarkable act of service.

She deserves so much more, which I will pursue.

But let's start here, can we?

Lindsay also wrote a fictional book called ''Don't Tell Anyone Tell ALL!'' and I am hoping to find out if we can distribute some copies for her, too.

Meanwhile - here is a poem she wrote which is utterly raw and compelling truth;


A poem by Lindsay Rigby.

Spirit flows  Down the gullets, Over the floors: Supporting Old mens’ pain Numbing young passions. Lights explode The feast erupts Lurching bodies Spew and crash on the rocks. Old women scream Young women weep For traditions they fail to defeat.” To Lindsay, I offer my greatest respect and admiration.

To do what she did minus the powers of technology is a true testimony to a remarkable life of determination to do good.

When Lockdown ends - I plan to drive to Caloundra and take Lindsay the biggest bunch of flowers ever and hug her a lot. What an absolute legend.

On behalf of us all, Lindsay, THANK YOU for all you do and all that you are.

Shanna and the SITC team xx

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