an open letter to my 'knockers'

An open letter to my knockers

''... OMG ... Shanna is at it AGAIN with all her bloody health and education stuff ... ugh!''

Hey there,

A good person was kind enough to pass on some feedback to me today. Included in that was a reference to a quite a few peeps who clearly still have zero clue what I do, and why I do it. Those who like to have a little crack at me behind my back.

So to those of you who roll your eyes and talk about me ‘being on my bandwagon again’ and ‘presume to think I regard myself as perfect’ I am gunna' go ahead and help you out with that.

First up: perhaps I could lovingly recommend that you need to actually properly look at my social media history and the full context of what I am doing, before you judge and presume so much.

But, since making-assumptions-based-on-a-quick-scroll is what I presume is your game, I’ll pop the critical bits that I have said, oh, about eleventeen-million times over the last 4 years:

  • #SITC is NOT (and never has been) about demonising people who drink

  • my aim is to create education, discussion, and awareness - and to break down the walls of stigmas, lacking education, and SO many assumptions which exist... so that our friends and family can start to talk honestly about the hard bits around mental health and addiction - and (hopefully! not feel judged or gossiped about about their struggles or truth)

  • the #SITC family is made up of MANY people including those who want to cut back booze, better educate themselves | be part of a cultural change | or - they’re currently in active alcoholism OR have recovered from it ... we are all working together

  • there is literally nothing ''in this'' for me beyond the joy of helping others

  • everything I ‘’do’’ is self-funded and voluntary and has been for about four years (so perhaps invest some of your energy in thinking about what that equates to ...)

  • I am not perfect and nor have I ever even pretended to be. Are you actually serious? I can't even compute that line when I hear it. Have you even thought about it? I am a country woman from a small town who opened up publicly about being a suicidal alcoholic who nearly lost it all. If you derive ''she thinks she is perfect'' from that, then, well, I seriously don't know what to say. Get help?

Also: if my posts make you uncomfortable, here is how you could maybe deal with that:

Option A – unfollow or unfriend me. I am A-OKAY with that - I promise.

Option B – consider WHY you feel uncomfortable?

For the billionth time – I don’t judge, condemn, or demonise those who drink. None of us in #SITC do. Never have. Never will. Do you even realise how utterly spectacularly against all that we stand for that actually even IS? *face palm*

BUT... I do remember being totally weirded out about sober people – because they showed me something about myself I didn’t want to see. So, yep – methinks you better look inwards at the deeper meaning behind your discomfort.

My life isn’t perfect. As I frequently also share on social media. I spend days in bed sometimes. I get overwhelmed with the burden of it all. I cry myself to sleep often for those I am loving, helping, and caring about and for.

I still suffer anxiety, fear, loneliness and fatigue.

If you think life is perfect for me – please consider this: being a non-drinker, a non-parent, and a self-employed person is about the most isolating and lonely place a person in rural Australia can be...

.... life is incredibly challenging at times. I have to work daily at creating my own ‘family’ and village to combat that loneliness and lack of daily interaction that you probably take for granted.

Despite that – I choose to walk in gratitude and to be mostly positive about life on social media. For the sake of those looking for hope and help as much as anything.

In short: if after all these years – you are still missing the point of my heart and my passion for doing good things, then honestly – I will again ask you, again, to un-follow or unfriend me. That would be for the best.

To the overwhelming majority of you who are supporting, embracing, and thankful for this conversation - I thank you, and I love you.

This is what you help me do:


Now that we've straightened that out - I am gunna' get back to the business of working my butt off for those in need.

yours with love,

Mrs SK Whan x

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