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Meet the boss-fella' from Etch Sparkling.

Firstly can we say THE biggest thanks to Jason Quin for giving us permission to share these two photos of his life before and after 'alcohol'.

Stunningly - Jase is 39 years old in the left-hand image and 47 in the right-hand image. This is just such a powerful, powerful testimony showing the huge transformation being alcohol free for 17 months has created in his life. Not just physically, but mentally he's come a long way, too.

And the only major change Jase made? To quit booze.

He's somebody who previously worked in the alcohol industry and freely admits to drinking heavily for over two decades until he no longer had a 'choice' with alcohol and became dependent.

That's why today he's chosen to take all that experience and industry knowledge along with his recovery story (and his newfound energy) to turn it all into a positive.

He and his gorgeous wife, Andy, created and launched ETCH Sparkling as a business, because they wanted to bring a drink to market that didn't even ''pretend to be booze'' but simply offered a sugar-free boutique alternative for those of us who get pretty tired of being offered either sugar or water at events.

ETCH stands for ''every time choose health'' - and that's why we are collaborating with these legends now, because (a) they're beautiful humans and (b) we fully endorse and get behind their positive health message.

ETCH and SITC share the same wish that future Australia learns to be fully inclusive to everyone at events whether they're holding a schooner or a soda water.

Visit their page at https://www.etchsparkling.com.au/ if you'd like to read more, or have a crack at these Australian native-inspired sparkling bottles of goodness. Which, incidentally, are my favourite. And nope - this isn't a ''paid'' blog - I just love supporting good people with great hearts and ideas to be part of the solution.

Thanks Jase (and Andy!) for the inspiration and for your mutual support.

We cannot wait to hang out when lockdown is over. And to collaborate with you both and bring some truly healthy and tasty alternatives to the bush!

Love from Shanna & the SITC crew x

The Quin Family all together.

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