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since when did Australia become so un-Australian ?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019


- a poem by Shanna Whan

It’s modern day Australia, two-thousand-and-nineteen

The nation should be booming - not the worst it’s ever been

What happened to fair dinkum? To unity and pride?

Those values, they’re all sinking - and it’s time to take a side

Do you want to be a ‘’hater’’ - or a knocker, spreading fear?

or do you want to be an Aussie, fighting for what’s dear?

Like freedom, friendship, sunsets … just the simple things in life

The chance to live in safety, away from endless strife.

‘Cause as it stands, Australia, we’re on a thin blue line,

Of losing all that freedom. We’re running out of time.

I imagine that our diggers are calling from the grave -

Thinking of this country, how our pollie’s now behave ..

... agendas, lies, deception … half-truths and blasphemy

Where the greater good is null and void - and it’s all just ME, ME, ME.....

When a bloke who earns an honest crust working on the land

Is kicked in the guts AGAIN and AGAIN and cannot understand:

How feeding all the masses,

became (somehow) a crime.

How growing food or fibre put HIM in the firing line?

We came through the depression;

We came through two world wars,

But it makes you start to wonder what’s it all been for.

We’ve lost our mind, we’ve lost our way …

We’re broken by division

Instead of gratitude or pride - we walk and talk derision

The factions, fear, intolerance.. it's blocked our common sense,

We preach on being so advanced but we’re throwing up a fence.

We’re separating left from right, from city-scapes to bush

We’re constantly in fight or flight – we live to shove and push!

From climate change to water talks, from race to energy -

We’ve lost our way in politics – we’ve lost the YOU, and ME.

We’re watching on in sheer despair in flood and drought and rain

As good men buckle under from relentlessness and strain

No matter your location; the country or the city;

If we don’t pull together now, the future isn’t pretty.

Instead of bigotry and blame – let’s take a big step back

Let’s drop the war of words and hate; and stop with The Attack.

Can we just stand up and take account?


And move ahead on common ground for our land of girt by sea?

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