Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Okay, so if I had a dollar for every time an A.A fanatic reached out and had a crack at me, challenged me, or asked me why I am 'reinventing' the wheel ... well, shite - I'd probably be a very wealthy woman indeed.

To be clear - I have a tonne of precious friends within the A.A programme who are fully informed and supportive of what I do - because they know the full story. Which is why I get kinda' sad when a berserker comes at me in full flight without bothering to research the SITC project.

So if that's you - please - take the time to inform yourself by watching the video I have linked, and then come at me. I will happily discuss at length once you've got the full story.

But if you're feeling lazy here are the key points in short:

  • I've been an A.A member and I've also run A.A support meetings

  • A.A is something I support and advocate - for those who can access it

  • I eventually gave up after I spent two years sitting alone in a hall, waiting to ''attract'' people

  • Every other meeting within a 500 km of me has closed down

  • I NEVER present myself as an A.A member in the media

  • I am no longer a member, plus - I respect those rules

  • I am not an expert, a guru, or pertaining to have the answers. Are you kidding?

  • I, like you, am just a garden variety alcoholic who got lucky enough to recover fully

  • I, like you - am just carrying a message

  • I don't hate A.A - I advocate it for those who live in an area where anonymity is possible

  • I do however, dislike fanatics who play the ''my recovery is better than yours'' game

  • I am recovered. Past tense. This isn't up for debate.

  • If you cannot let that simple concept go - then please take the time to actually read your Big Book and learn the difference between cured and recovered.

  • I am not reinventing the wheel.

  • I work WITH others, not against

  • I am, however, re-calibrating the wheel for bush conditions because what we have simply isn't working out here.

Above all - thank you for inspiring me to do more, to be better, and to not allow somebody else's limitations and fearfulness dictate my passion to do whatever I possibly can to carry a message of hope forward to those who need it most.

If you were a true A.A member - you'd know that's our purpose.

So please have a good day and know I am in this with you for the same purpose.

Finally: if Bill and Bob could use ''letter writing'' to reach members in the big smoke a century ago - I feel pretty sure they'd be happy to see technology being used to impact lives at risk in outback spaces. Don't you?

If you still disagree - that's okay.

Take what you need and leave the rest.

To the many friends I have within A.A and who I visit with whenever I can - thanks. Glad you get the intention and love, and that you support me and invite me to speak xx

Yours in love and peace -

Shanna x

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