By popular demand, we've ordered in our first batch of high-profile trucker caps.


These are made and distributed by Queensland business Design My Hat, with no expense spared.


Basically we wanted a really well made cap that accommodates all heads (great and small) with long-wearing quality to go the distance and not cave in after a few months as so many cheap mass-produced caps tend to do.


They're the mesh-backed high-profile style that every country human appreciates most!


All funds raised through the sale of our caps will go right back into the charity as with all our merch.


Support a mate, and let them know it's ''OK2SAYNO'' - or be proud of your own health.

Either way it's a positive message saving lives.

SITC Trucker Cap NAVY High Profile - Strictly Limited

  • Design My Hat guaranteed quality control checks at their end, but if for any reasons you experience a faulty cap - email us asap via and we will sort it for you.