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Put yourself in the shoes of a manager: if you're losing, you'll want to switch to an aggressive configuration, right? And when you do, it should imply switching from a more balanced or defensive formation to a more striker-heavy one, so switch out of that 5-4-1 and into a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-1.

This trophy can be achieved in Volta Football. While playing games, you will receive currency to buy items with in the Volta store. Head into the store and buy any item to pop this trophy. You will need to buy 50 unique items to achieve Full wardrobe.


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Quick sell all standard Kit cards, plus all Badge, Ball, Celebration, Theme and Tifo cards.

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You have complete control over your side. You can customize everything from your kit and crest to what objectives the board will give you before your first season. It's a comprehensive feature that gives fans exactly what they've been asking for.

10. Pedri (Barcelona) – 81 > 91

It’s worth noting that plans could have easily changed in the two years since this initial leak, and we likely won’t get a clear answer until FIFA 23 is officially revealed.

Whether you want to track the upgrade status of your players or you’re looking to snipe some off the Transfer Market, here is our Fantasy FUT tracker with a list of all confirmed upgrades.

Change of pace has been super effective each year. You can go from normal left stick dribbling into a sprint, or from close control dribbling (L1/LB) into full speed. The most important thing is that you want your opponent to close in on you before you sprint. For this to be effective it means that you have to stop sprinting all the time!

There has also been a trend with streamers and YouTubers recording their reactions to multiple pack openings. These videos have thousands of views and comments.

What you need to do is go into the Web App, then select Club > Players > Quality > Silver. You’re now presented with a list of all your silver players; highlight the top one in the list, then select Compare Price from the menu on the right. You can now see all the other cards on the transfer market for that player. If the cheapest Buy Now is 1,000 coins or more, then consider listing that card for a competitive price – you can choose your own ‘minimum value’ amount like in point 5. Cycle through all your silver cards in this way, deciding whether to keep or transfer list, then move on to your bronze cards by selecting Club > Players > Quality > Bronze. [My ‘minimum value’ to sell a bronze card is slightly lower, at 750 – enough to buy you an entire new pack.]

Better than Fifa 22, but still very faulty.

To get your hands on tons of UGC, you can start your own challenge, host a contest, or start a hashtag trend.

Check Fludeh’s video on IF dealing. I wouldn’t recommend them at mo until market settled.

I have a couple Demba Ba’s , he has just confirmed he is going, from when i bought them they have gone up 400-500, should i sell now or will they increase? Thanks

VAR. Love it or hate it – it’s simply part of football now. But does it feature in FIFA 22?

When you start the Play-Offs, you are competing for the first set of rewards and a chance to qualify for the Finals, where you can further increase your rewards.

Place all Kit, Badge, Celebration, Manager, Stadium, Theme and Tifo cards on the transfer list.

You can edit all of this into your video, and I find that having a cover image with a bold text title is a really effective way to capture people’s attention.

To prevent any card from becoming extinct, we implemented a market feature after the launch of SBC last season, in which the bot listed cards with

It sounds simple really, but at its most basic, you just need to point your left stick towards the net and tap Circle or B on your controller to make an attempt on goal in FIFA 22. Blasting it at the keeper is, understandably, not the best idea, especially with the goalkeeper upgrades this year. Depending on your in-game preferences, you may also have to tap the same button again to complete a shooting minigame. If you get it in the green zone, this will make your shot even more effective as the player’s foot approaches the ball.

Apply a different rule to items rated 82 or above. These will go for premium amounts once Icon SBCs land – and so you’re better off storing them for now, in order to rake in maximum coinage later.

Great customer service i made an error with an order, solved in a few minutes

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Following an error made in one of its most recent updates, EA Sports decides to compensate its FIFA 22 playerbase for their patience.

According to 18-time Grand Slam singles winner Chris Evert, Nick Kyrgios was "little snarky" in refusing to entertain a complaint.

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Here are the 5 formations that any FIFA 22 player should be accustomed to before diving into competitive online play.

Players you think will do well in Champions League. They will rise when they do.

Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match

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Buy players not many of on market and sell them for more. Look for Bronze and Silver players with pace.

FIFA’s Team of the Week drops weekly, so players can expect TOTW 24 to release on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT, with an announcement from EA usually coming shortly before.

With this setting turned on, EA Sports Trax will be enabled within VOLTA and will alternate with the VOLTA Trax.

This correction comes after fans spotted a concerning line on FIFA 22’s Steam page, which stated that there would be an activation limit of one per machine. The discovery was understandably followed by a great deal of backlash. Not only would such a restriction be ludicrous according to modern gaming standards, it would serve as another blow to PC users after finding out FIFA 22 on PC wouldn’t be getting the next-gen features available on PS5 and Xbox Series X. One of those features is the new HyperMotion technology, which utilizes machine learning to create a hyper-realistic experience.

This trophy can be achieved in Ultimate Team. You need an online friend to get it. In the main hub, click and invite your friend. Once he accepts, you need to select either Squad Battles or Division Rivals and win 10 games. Squad Battles is easier because you can control the difficulty level, so you can play all 10 games on beginner difficulty if you want to.

Nice! I also find shielding effective with L2 and dribbling with both L2+R2

"Sounds complex, doesn't it?" It truly isn't; each year, new features are added to assist improve the game. There have been several changes this year, including players' inventive runs, positioning, and passing. One of the improvements I've liked is the new inventive runs off the ball, which has helped my attackers to generate more opportunities."

4321 – Custom Tactics Guide and Player Instructions

This is perhaps the most tricky requirement in this year. Users generally have a lot of first owned players. And after a certain point of time users dont generally buy gold players off the market just to keep them in the squad. They would rather trade them and make a profit.

Modifies how quickly/slowly the power bar fills up when you request any type of pass or shot.

Think you have pages mixed up? Can’t buy and sell a player not many people buy?

The Transfer Market is not just a great place to improve your team: it's also one of the best destinations to make Coins. If you keep an eye on the Transfer Market — either in-game, on the Web App, or on the smartphone Companion App — you will occasionally discover players selling for significantly less than their value. If the auction is close to concluding, you can try your luck and lodge a bid. While you won't always be successful, securing a card with an average selling price of 100,000 Coins for, say, 50,000 Coins is a huge win. You can then flip the player to make an enormous profit. You can usually get the best Transfer Market prices late at night on Sunday through until early in the morning on Monday. You should sell at any time from Thursday evening to Friday morning, as this period will traditionally fetch the highest prices during peak hours. For more information on When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT, then click through the link.

Gamers can play on their own (offline). However – the culture of FIFA revolves around online competition, playing matches against other gamers online. There are multiple modes available to play. These modes allow gamers to better customise their gameplay experience to suit their overall interests. The most popular by far is the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

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Find out the service status of and its related services.

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Richard Buckley's advice

"One of my favourite quotes is 'wins and lessons, rather than losses'. When you lose a game of FIFA, take tips from you opponent - how did they score? what formation did they use? Learning from peers and people better than you will only improve you as a FIFA player."

Our dedicated Customer Service team are available to help with any queries about your orders and provide exceptional after-sales support.

That means sniping any players, managers, or consumables that are rare, needed for a Squad Building Challenge, have a high value, or are out of packs.

How much do you think Bale will cost in a few weeks time because of the crash?

The general rule is to always aim or bend the shot around the keeper, which is often best done by aiming the shot towards the far corner. This rule is dependent on your player’s footedness and body position, but mostly, this is a solid approach to shooting from inside and just outside the box.

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The last major mode to talk about is Pro Clubs. This mode lets you team up with up to 10 other players to engage in 11v11 games online. While you still probably want to try and get together your own Club if you want to be successful, you can now use Drop-In matches to hop into games that don't affect your Club record.

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