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I've been playing Brawl Stars for almost a year and a half now, and I've been rated #1 in the world several times, and I'm presently the #1 player in the United States.

Thank you for the feedback! The app has been updated with complete stats to all Brawlers. - Tom :)


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As you progress through the mall you'll find a few sets of lockers that can be swallowed up and tossed using Mouthful Mode. Tossing these lockers reveals maps showing an arrow and a certain type of shop. Follow the directions on these maps, for example taking the turn off before the pie shop or the burger place, in order to navigate the level without getting lost!

When contacting our support through the in-game chat, you'll have the option to share your email address with us. We'll always ask for your consent when sending direct marketing messages to your mobile device. We won't sell or disclose your personal data to third parties for their own commercial purposes.

You get 10 Tokens when a new Events starts. Tokens are also awarded upon completion of a Brawl from your token bar. A token bar can hold 100 Tokens at a time and Tokens are re-added to the back over time. Whenever a Brawler ranks up, 10 Tokens are awarded. 20 Tokens are awarded when you gain an experience level.

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1. Once you enter their site, enter your user name of Brawl Stars.

Mr.P’s buff and Colette’s new gadget have left Lou with Penny at the bottom of the tier list.

Please send an email to or contact us directly through in-game support by going to Settings > Help & Support and then tap « Contact Us » in the upper right hand corner.

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Penny is good at the Bounty game mode only if you know how to play her extremely well. It is specifically related to the map as well. Here are some good maps to play her at:

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Brawl Stars Unlimited Everything is a hack for the game Brawl Stars.

But these are necessary time periods to the subtleties of the game, improving before taking your chances in the Power League.

Characters and skills : What is the best character in Brawl Stars? We show you the complete list of all the characters in the game, their abilities and statistics so you know which one to choose.

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The mega box is the only one that we cannot get for free, but only by spending gems. Both the normal box or brawl box and the big box will be given to us for free, as we progress through the game. Therefore, the only one hundred percent real way to get free gems is playing, and through the normal boxes and the big boxes that the video game will give us. Once we have gems, then we can get free mega boxes, and perhaps win even more free gems within the video game.

His high mobility allows him to do this trick over and over again, and not that many brawlers would be able to stop him.

Before you start playing with real players, you can begin practicing with bots which are placed for the same purpose. The option to practice the game with bots will help you understand your Brawlers and prepare you for the different types of attacks that you could face.

It would be nice if the app showed the stats of each level of a brawler such as a level 9 poco or a level 7 Nita. Love your other apps do to the depth they cover!!!

However, I really don’t know what to do with him. I think every brawler should have some sort of weakness, and if Lou’s attack was easier to hit you’d notice how annoying his stun and Super can be to deal with.

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Strong against: Everyone if he gets close for a sure hit and not get ambushed first.

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When the Ruin Serpent burrows, it leaves behind a field of dark mud and oozing concretions. Players can use their Lumenstone Adjuvant to clear out these ooze deposits around its main bulb; doing so will instantly dispel them.

Penny is not a good pick for Brawl Ball. You should probably pick a Tank if you are going for the game mode. Since most of the meta is dominated by them, Penny's low damage will not do anything to them.

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In this guide we will discuss strategies for playing Gem Grab, the very first game mode you unlock in Brawl Stars. This is the mode where you'll most likely spend the majority of your time with friends and club members. We'll be giving tips for how to best maneuver the game mode as well as suggestions for best characters to use and their specific roles.

• One thing you’ll eventually figure out is the fact that certain Brawlers are well-suited to specific modes. Gem Grab caters itself to the type of Brawlers that have have a good range when it comes to their basic attacks and Super’s that lend themselves well to offensive abilities. You should regularly play Gem Grab with Penny, Dynamike, Barley, Poco, Bo, Ricochet, Jessie, Nita, Shelly, and Mortis. Showdown lends itself well to Brawlers who have high HP or attacks that keep them safe while blasting from a good range. You’ll attain more victories within this mode with Frank, Colt, El Primo, Bull, and Frank.

• Big Game takes one Brawler, makes them the big boss, and challenges the remaining Brawlers to take him/her out. As the boss, keeping your distance from other players is a good survival tactic in order to stay alive for as long as possible. As a regular Brawler, you’ll need to go full steam ahead as you and your team look to overwhelm the boss with a united offense.

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There are 3 types of items in the game – gems, star points and coins, in descending order of rarity. Gems are green, star points, pink and coins, deep yellow. You’ll find them in the top-right of your home screen, in a row. Of these, free gems are very rare and used to get extra benefits such as more gold or items from the shop. Star points are also used in the shop. However, they are mostly used to buy new skins for your brawlers. Coins are the most common items of all. You will use them to upgrade your Brawlers – a very important task that we’ll talk more about later on.

Do take note of their hitboxes and AoE radius too, so that in the future, you can pull off a quickfire routine on unwary brawlers (just tap the attack button instead of holding and aiming) without any fuss.

4. Take the left before the SECOND pie joint, not the first one, as shown on another locker map, in order to reach this area where you'll find the Waddle Dee hiding in the middle chest of three.

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To bring a big change to the gameplay dynamics of Everdale, the system has become more staggering and rewarding. Every relation milestone will be accompanied by a number of rewards, which will open up future opportunities and bring a revamp to the basic core of the game.

for example: in shooting star map I feel more comfortable with byron than piper so I go for byron, also sometimes I go for brawlers like 8-bit penny, etc…

If you are not a big fan of Colette, maybe you'd fancy Leon?

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Ciblez en priorité les brawlers ayant le plus d'étoiles, notamment 7 étoiles (le maximum) car vous pourrez les récupérer.

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3. Boxes are similar to Chests on Clash Royale. You must open the get rewards: Power Points, Coins and unlock new Brawlers.

Surge, a new Chromatic Brawler

Bonus tip 2 – healing: Dying isn’t fun, even in modes where you respawn. To avoid doing so, simply run away (Monty Python voice) and avoid combat for a few seconds and your health bar will start to refill. Firing stops the process.

Although Squeak's appeal is quite limited in Volley Brawl, his crowd control abilities can be very useful at the most important moments of the game.

You have to get very close to the enemies to attack them with short range Brawlers. You have to make your way to the enemy very slowly, hiding in bushes and behind obstacles. You have higher health and damage output than most of the other Brawlers though.

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When battling in Braw Arena, you must know that there’s nothing wrong in hiding. It is required in the game that you must hide primarily if your enemies are much stronger than you. There are open doors with a vegetation sign where you can hide and make a surprise attack on your enemies.

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EDIT: Ended up putting Pam in the tank role, but I’m not sure if she’d be better off in DPS/Control. Let me know what you guys think.

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In Heist mode, you should use strategies that have worked in other MOBAs as much as possible, but with modifications for the limitations of Brawl Stars. Healers or Brawlers who can place turrets are strong here, as is Ricochet since he has sky-high range and can bounce bullets off of surfaces and hit people who are behind cover.

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