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ESP stands for ‘extrasensory perception’ and refers to any cheat, tool or hack that allows you to get more information than you ought to have in Among Us. So any hack that allows you to deactivate the fog of war, increase your field of view (vision), get a minimap, permanent access to the admin map, shows you who is not an impostor for sure, shows you impostors or tracks where people where can be considered an ESP cheat.

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In list form, that would look like this (remember, this list is for people who don’t have enough space on their phone):

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For imposters: traitors must be very careful not to be detected. The goal when faking a mission is to only move when the quest bar advances thanks to another player. Good timing and you gain the trust of others. Also, if the bar fills up quickly, this indicates that you need to speed up and cut more players!

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It will make you the host of the server.

Among Us Hack Latest Version Pc

Anyone can create a lobby and have the ability to set it public or private. You can also create a local WiFi Lobby to play with friends or family. You can also play in Freeplay mode which is offline to practice your strategies.

Among Us Mod Menu God Mode

– You need to have Cydia Substrate installed on Cydia.

If you’re on PC, your screen should look something like this:

A Guardian Angel’s abilities shine only after they’ve been killed, unfortunately. While dead, and in ghost form, a Guardian Angel has the ability to cast a protective shield on their surviving crew members that will keep the imposter from being able to kill them. You still can’t vote during meetings, obviously, and you can’t do anything different from a normal crew member while alive.

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Among Us Mod Menu Cydia

Once you’ve installed Steam and you’re logged into your Steam account, simply go to the Store tab (if it hasn’t automatically sent you there):

Among Us is one of the most popular games in today’s time. The game is set into a spaceship 10 players will get together. And among them would randomly get assigned as an imposter. So once the game starts, there will be two teams one is an imposter, and the other players are crewmates.

There are several mod menus for among us if you are looking for android then use platinum mods, if you are using on PC then use Sneaky Evil or Hacker Mode

Among Us Mod Menu Apk 2022.4 2

mong Us is a multiplayer social deduction video game can play four to fifteen players. It was developed and published by American game studio Innersloth in 2018. But it gained massive attention of gamers in 2020. Centered on a group of “Crewmates” trying to complete tasks while an “Imposter” plots to kill them. Among Us is one of the most popular games around today.

As Among Us is free to download, the developers have introduced advertisements to earn some money from the users. Well, the advertisements are pretty annoying, and you might face gameplay disturbances due to the same. Fortunately, Among Us Mod APK comes without any kind of advertisements, saving you from annoyance. After playing Among Us Mod APK, you won’t have to see any advertisements on your smartphone while playing the game. It’s one of the best features and benefits of using the modded APK on your smartphone.

Among Us Hack Version 2021.4.2

When you’re in a lobby that requires fewer jobs, sometimes you can get away with saying you’ve completed all of your jobs. If you do that, you’re more in the clear and you’ll be watched less than the people who are actually doing work in the games. This’ll give you a little freedom to mess with the other players.

Among Us Hack Zip File

If you think you know who the imposter is, head to the meeting room and hit the table’s button to summon crewmates for a vote.

Yellow was an icon used by players on the admin map as it was helpful for anonymizing players.

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 01:55 PM.

Top 20 Impostor Tips and Tricks in Among Us - How to Be a Pro Impostor

Insurgency - Purchase with Armory Key in the Archives (C3).

Which led us to the interesting part of the game: Imposters.

– Also Leveling up, Account linking and Achievements!

A: Applications need to access certain devices' systems. As soon as an application is installed, you will be informed of all the permissions it requires. / Mod: Unlimited Money And Gold


The job of an impostor is to find people isolated from other people on the ship, kill them and then return to the rest of the crew before they even realize that you left.

Among Us Hack Yt

Can’t even end vote and always imposter doesn’t always work

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If you want to be a good impostor on Among Us, you need to sabotage the ship and crew. You’ll have access to a sabotage map, which indicates key points to take advantage of for maximum effect.

Among Us Mod Menu By Platinmods

Among Us Hack Jailbreak

Step 6: On the left-hand side, you will see an android floating icon that is Among Us MOD Menu. Now, click on it and select the hack features you want.

A crew member must fulfill different tasks, stay safe, and figure out who the imposter is so they don’t get killed.

Lighting Hack - Among Us MOD MENU APK allows you to see all your crewmates and imposters, even when the lights are off. Isn't it magical?

Among Us — Ultimate guide from Beginner to Advanced

Among Us Hack V17

Among Us Hack Tool

If you don’t have a Steam account, don’t worry – it’s free and easy to set up. You’ll need to install Steam’s Storefront/Library, but that’s a fairly simple matter, and I’m certain you won’t need help with it.

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Free Among Us you can easily play on any phone, it doesn't take up a lot of space,and you game lovers should never forget this game.

This tip depends on the number of Emergency Meetings allowed in a game. Sometimes, it is worth “wasting” an emergency meeting (as they typically are used to vote out someone) to organize the team in groups and locations based on the common tasks available.

Among Us now includes a new in-game message, which promises that action is being taken. The message also reveals that the developer is working on adding a system for players to report toxic behaviours.

If you are boosting this trophy, you know exactly who the imposters are. If you are at the Skeld map, you can use the emergency button, at the start, to vote off the imposters very quickly

Among Us Mod is another awesome hack that is a hack version of Among Us game. The hacked version has numerous new features and unlimited resources that you can access without spending any money. The game is light in graphics, stunning sound effects, and the best part is that the dimensions of the game are tiny.

At any point in Amongus, when you feel things are getting dicey. Among us hacker can tap on one of your Online Performers to hold an Emergency Meeting with them. This should give you a great deal of time to try and sort out whatever concerns you have. However, it will use a considerable portion of your Performers’ Energy. At least two Online Performers are required for such meetings! And leave them tired as a result.

in every meeting or report their color will change and their username will be invisible

Elseworld's Finest - Earn 3 Stars in ALL S.T.A.R. Labs missions.

Among Us Hack Google Drive

Among Us Mod Menu By Sami Gaming Latest Version 23i8 Among Us Hack Mod Menu Pc

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