DISCLAIMER: As the sobriety industry trends - it's a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand it's just extraordinary that the topic is finally out there. However the flip side of that is the inevitable possibility of those who jump on the bandwagon for profit or personal prestige. So we encourage you to investigate carefully where you go for help and support and ensure that you're dealing with a registered organisation where credibility and duty of care (and your safety) is the priority. The Australian registered organisations we'd recommend are outlined here. In addition to these official organisations, there are countless online accounts now dedicated to discussing the topic of sobriety. A quick google search or a search on any social media account will point you to infinite options.


  • The SITC Bush Tribe - Sober in the Country

    • SITC is not here to reinvent the wheel or present as all things to all people. Our purpose is a laser focus on rural Australia and the people who face the reality of overcoming addiction in permanent ''ISO'' and have none of the resources, choice, or privacy our city peers can access. If you're rural, regional, or remote - this is the peer platform we've created for you. ​

  • ''Daybreak'' APP - Hello Sunday Morning

    • Hello Sunday Morning is one of Australia's leading alcohol behaviour change charities. Their free downloadable APP called ''Daybreak'' is a help to many, and we recommend giving it a try. Daybreak is a supportive & non-judgemental community of people, all helping each other achieve their alcohol change goals. Get tips from people just like you.

  • SMART Recovery (Australia)

    • SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a free group program assisting any problematic behaviours, including addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, shopping, Internet and others.

    • Guided by trained peers and professionals, participants come to help themselves and help each other using a variety of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and motivational tools and techniques.

  • AA-Alcoholics Anonymous (Australia)

    • Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.


  • Al-Anon Australia

    • Using a 12-step focus, Al Anon offers online and phone meetings for those whose friends and relatives struggle with alcohol use disorder, among other substances. 

  • SMART Recovery Friends and Family This secular, cognitive behavioural-based program offers online meetings for families and friends of someone recovering from substance abuse.


Other (international) online communities:

In order to find a support group that works for you and start building your sober network, we’ve compiled a list of the top online sober communities and groups that cover a wide range of identification points. These go beyond the groups you already know and can help you find what you need to get and stay sober. There is no ''one-size-for-all'' in sobriety ~ and one thing we know for sure is that peer support is essential. So in addition to the Australian groups and orgs above you might like to try: 

5. r/stopdrinking

If you’ve never participated on Reddit, then you might not know just how close-knit and supportive the people you meet online its thousands of “subreddits” can be. With more than 150,000 subscribers, the r/stopdrinking subreddit does exactly what it says in the name: helps its members to stop drinking. (According to their tagline, they’re “a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking.”) Don’t feel trepidation if you’ve never spent time on Reddit. This subreddit is an extremely welcoming community for anyone who wants to ask for advice, share their experiences, and stories or simply ask for encouragement about trying to quit or cut back on alcohol. Their only rule? You can only post when sober. But you can read anytime you want and comb through the thousands of helpful threads including a daily-check in and countless stories of those who have struggled with sobriety.

6. r/redditorsinrecovery

This Reddit community isn’t as big as r/stopdrinking, but r/redditorsinrecovery can be a great secondary Reddit resource. Their group goal is to “discuss the various ways to achieve and maintain a life free from active addiction.” Threads in this group focus on topics such as how to cope with triggers, recovery from porn/sex addiction, how to learn after a relapse and so much more. One of the nicest parts of this community is it focuses on recovery writ large. So, if you need sobriety support from harder drugs or other issues, then you might just feel at home here.

7. Soberistas

This online-only community is worldwide, which makes it easy to connect with like-minded women who are friendly, non-judgmental, and helping each other kick the booze and stay sober. All you need to do to join is to create a profile and look around through their wealth of information on ditching the drink, personal stories, and lots of advice to help each other work towards a happier, healthier you.


8. Sober Recovery

The forums of Sober Recovery are a great place for people with substance use disorder to find assistance and helpful information. The community has more than 168,000 people who are recovering from substance use disorder and/or codependence, as well as their friends and family. If you’re new to recovery, you can check out the many helpful threads that are perfect for newbies: Newcomers to RecoveryNewcomer’s Daily Support Thread. You might also enjoy The Gratitude List and many other forum posts and chats. A favorite of mine is the Anxiety Disorders section, where I can talk to others in recovery who also suffer from anxiety about how we deal with staying calm in a world that sometimes just wants us to keep drinking.

9. Hello Sunday Morning

If you’re seeking a community that’s focused on positive health and behavior change, then Hello Sunday Morning might be right for you. This community supports anyone who wants to change their relationship with alcohol, in whatever form—whether abstaining, taking a break, or just better understanding it.

Their community, Daybreak, is a worldwide community of “people working together to change their relationship with alcohol in an anonymous, safe and secure environment.” You can chat one-on-one with health coaches or get support from peers to go through habit change experiments and more.


10. In The Rooms

In the rooms describes itself as a free online recovery tool that offers 130 weekly online meetings for those recovering from addiction and related issues. What we love about In The Rooms is that they embrace multiple pathways to recovery, including all 12 Step, Non-12 Step, Wellness and Mental Health modalities. Check them out!

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11. Tempest

Tempest is an integrated, evidence-based digital recovery program for anyone who wants to stop drinking and feel better. Whether you’re trying to quit drinking or you’re already sober, Tempest combines a personalized approach to recovery with membership and one-on-one support to help you make a lasting change. In a study done in partnership with the University of Buffalo and Syracuse University, Tempest’s program was clinically-shown to reduce the symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder (problematic drinking) by 50% as well as a 25% reduction in the severity of anxiety and depression symptoms.

Disclosure: Tempest is the parent company of The Temper.


12. Soberocity

Soberocity could be a great solution for you if you’re looking for an online community that occasionally also has live events across the country. With happenings in New York, San Francisco, and Miami, you can meet up with fellow members in person or simply enjoy the community and all of the available resources online such as blog posts on Buddhism in recovery, how to date in early recovery, and tips on sticking to a healthier lifestyle.


13. Club Soda

Club Soda is a mindful drinking movement that starts out with your email when you sign-up for their free-to-join community. After you register, they’ll send you five eBooklets (for free!) to help you get and stay sober.

Their material helps you set goals and track your progress, too. Not only will you get motivational emails that help you embrace the sober life and feel included, but you’ll also receive an invitation to join their supportive online community.

Club Soda also holds events in the UK, such as the Queers Without Beers London Social, which are great meetups for the British community.

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The Sober in the Country Ltd charity is grateful for seed-funding in 2020 from these extraordinary donors.