There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

chasing some moral support ?

G’day, it's Shanna here. CEO + Founder of SITC. If you have stumbled across Sober in the Country (Ltd) and you identify as a rural, regional, or remote professional and you're interested in cutting back or quitting booze and you'd like a little moral support along with a confidential place to chat - hopefully we can help. We have a beautiful family of almost 600 folks just the same who share the same wish - and it's like a big online family you never knew you had.

The link to join is at the end of this page but, we need you to read ALL THE INFO below on how it ''works'' first - as these guides are not negotiable ...

As stated, the group is strictly for working rural or remote professionals. Examples might include agribusiness owner, famer, small town school teacher, remote or regional health care worker, self-employed rural person, policewoman, councillor, agronomist,  … etc.


Why? Well it is very simple: the group exists for those who do not qualify for any kind of government or welfare assistance yet desperately need a leg up; and they simply can't afford the luxury of either time away from their business, job, far, (etc) or the spare cash to pay for city-travel to access a community or connection point they relate to.

We aren't here for those who can access plentiful group support in city environments or those who qualify for other free programmes. If you're fortunate enough to have that; we urge you to take full advantage of the support on your doorstep - because we aren't here to reinvent the wheel.


SITC is not presenting as the experts, the answer, or as a magic solution.


We are here only to raise awareness, provide a community, and to address a gap that nobody is looking at: the rural men and women of Australia who are often overlooked because they ''seem to be going okay'' and are therefore dismissed too readily by both professionals and mates - and they're not yet ready to acknowledge or admit they really DO need a hand and a yarn.

The group exists to encourage others and let them know they are most definitely not alone.

Please understand the critical points, though, which are:

  • We are NOT a medical service, or a replacement for any kind of professional support and as such cannot answer any medical or detox questions. That's for your doctor.

  • We are NOT a replacement for a programme or working recovery concept - that's for you to decide - what we can do is tell you what we found helpful for us. 

  • If you are in a medical emergency, experiencing withdrawals etc - the group is not equipped for emergencies - so please go to your nearest hospital, or call 000 immediately

If you join and you're in serious strife with your drinking - it is expected that you will be working (or be actively asking about or researching) a clear structured programme of your own choice or preference and not ''depending'' on the group to cut back or quit. We are just cheering from the sidelines.

You must respond to all the admin questions in full when joining the group.

As the CEO, I have made a commitment to be involved on a daily basis with members as often as possible; rather than being ''one step removed'' as most CEOs are; but - please be aware I am not available 24-7 and make no promises to be instantly available. I am purely in the group as a facilitator and administrator and as ''just another garden variety recovered alcoholic'' and not presenting nor masquerading as an expert, guru, professional service, representative of any outside organisation, or a port for one-on-one advice.  I am just another recovered alcoholic.

Final point: after 5 years of full time volunteering by Shanna to get this conversation off the ground and now that SITC is now a registered charity; PLEASE NOTE the group is in the process of transitioning to a new platform which will be member-sponsored. Just as we are expected to chip in with a few coins for real-life volunteer-based network; we will be operating on the same philosophy effective in early 2020. Watch the group for coming updates. In the new platform you will be welcome to use Avatars etc. for better privacy once you've verified who you are, etc., with admin.  

All will be explained.

Remember our philosophy in the group is this: ''We aren't here for those who need to be here - we are here for those who want to be here.'' This is about your choice , and your decision.

If you're from a non rural area and you don't wish to contribute please visit Hello Sunday Morning who have a free government-funded APP called 'Daybreak' or search for your nearest Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. These are both free online and real-time services. We are not competing with either. Our group is laser focused for rural and regional professionals. Simple as that.

ALSO, REMEMBER, the internet is the internet. While we have strict legal terms and conditions in place - by joining you have agreed to the strictest confidentiality of others; you also will be expected to understand nothing online is under anyone's control other than Big Data. While we protect your data (see the legal doc on privacy) we can only control so much.