If you'd like to book Shanna to speak on your podcast, for TV, news crosses, or other media (online) we are honoured to do the best we can to meet requests. 

Some helpful info for you before reaching out:

  • please ensure you give us PLENTY of lead-time

  • please ensure the time slot is between sunrise and 12 noon if possible

  • please check you are using factually correct back story, biography, pronunciation, tags, and info from our up-to-date MEDIA BIO

  • we require all online content sent to us for proofing before print or audio

  • check you have the phonetics right: Shanna - like - Anna, Whan - like - Swan

  • we charge a donation of your choosing for podcasts, and if a live meeting is converted to a Zoom presentation because of COVID we work on a 50% deduction

  • please be sure to send through a Gmail invite for us 

  • any questions, message us via our Contact page or use the Booking form on the main BOOKINGS section or email