ZOOMS are going to remain in place as a critical tool for us long after COVID leaves the building - because as you probably know, isolation is our 'normal' - so we are now up to speed and ready to Zoom at the drop of a hat. We are also essentially a charity run by two volunteers only and therefore really time-poor ... so we need to ensure you've got a few things in place before we have our meetings. Our checklist is here:


  • give plenty of notice + send your link and Google calendar invite

  • Shanna only does interviews before midday - so we need a morning time slot to make it work

  • ensure you've got our up-to-date BIO, etc. on hand 

  • have your system checks in place before we catch up

  • be on time, please!

  • use correct pronunciation: Shanna like Anna, Whan like Swan

  • do not use anything on your social media such as images or words without prior approval / proofs


We are now asking that those benefiting from the SITC network and discussions support us in return by contributing a donation to the charity to cover Shanna's time and investment as your speaker. We are spending a huge percentage of time donating ''chats'' to others, and we are essentially still a volunteer-run organisation. Like many, we lost our income for 2020 with COVID-19. So we are asking that those who want to host lengthy chats please make the effort to contribute a donation for the time we will spend and for our lived-experience, input, and energy. All proceeds will go straight to the charity account and will basically help us a little. We ask that if you're in a position where your organisation is financially viable during COVID that you donate according to a normal speaker fee. Visit our ''donate'' page here and for those who are also hard hit, we just ask for you to give what you can.


email for high res images, logo, etc.


Too easy. Flick us an email here:

​(m) 0487 685 475

​IMPORTANT: any media (social, print, or press) is to be approved by Shanna Whan before going live or online. Due to the incredibly sensitive nature of the topic, SITC is non-negotiable on ensuring full fact checks are in place and that ethical balance and proper representation are clearly outlined whether it's around SITC as a brand, Shanna Whan as an individual, any of the Directors, and for any of the members within the SITC tribe.


'' There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in ..... ''

 Desmond Tutu