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Our merchandise is a great way to start a conversation and we absolutely LOVE seeing our truckers caps and shirts and stickers being shared around by our bush (and city!) mates. Every time you wear our merchandise - whether you can safely enjoy a few beers or whether you cannot or choose not to - you're helping more than you can know. Please feel free to also tag us in your photos so we can share! Shop here.

Donations and Fundraising for SITC allow us to continue growing and covering the escalating demand for our conversations and meet the heavy operating costs of our small not-for-profit. Whether you want to kick the tin and chuck in $5.00 or run a fundraiser or marathon and do something bigger to show your support - we are immensely thankful. It's also true that we receive no government funding or support - but we continue to invite collaboration. Donate using our quick secure Donorbox link by clicking below:


Old School Donations

If you're someone who prefers to donate the Old School way, here are our details:

Sober in the Country Ltd

Commonwealth Bank

062-582 1017 5077

RECEIPTS: please simply email if you need us to send a tax-deductible receipt.

Join the #OK2SAYNO movement and campaign:

We aren't anti-alcohol; we're *for* mates. Our goal is simple - it's social inclusion, regardless of the drink in hand. We celebrate ''OK2SAYNO'' day officially on 22/2 each year - but you can support this every day in many ways.

Partner with us: we’re all ears if you’d like to partner with us or collaborate with us in some way. 

We are currently on the hunt for a charity vehicle sponsor and partner. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk. We ask that you put together a document with as much detail as you can including what you propose, and how it might look, along with information about you or your organisation. 

Volunteers: we so often get asked 'how can we volunteer? Until we can secure enough funding to have more staff and the correct governance and training (and trainers) in place, we simply can't accommodate ambassadors / volunteers. We ABSOLUTELY want to be able to do that down the track - but as with all things - sadly, it takes copious time and cost to establish. Please help in the other ways outlined, and we will let you know when this changes.

Invite the SITC message into your community: Our founder Shan travels Australia as our ‘frontline’ ambassador and a fierce advocate for change while sharing the SITC message that it’s #OK2SAYNO. Since her Australian of the Year award Shan’s time has become increasingly short - so we suggest you book as far ahead as possible. Click here to book.


Carry the message with us

Some of the most practical things you can do for free are: support your mates when they pass on a frothy, and put some alcohol free alternatives into your eskies, events, and your staff networks. Cater for and include those who don’t drink or who want to drink less. It's so, so simple.


Tell a mate about the Bush Tribe

Our Bush Tribe is our peer support group where we hang out and help each other, with the option for anonymity for those who need it. While we use a regular Private Facebook group for this purpose, we are unapologetic about who gets in because our laser focus is rural and remote Australians. So before anyone gets ‘in’ we ask questions, we use your answers to help us fight for you, and we have non-negotiable lived-experience experts and duty of care front and centre in how we run, onboard, and administer our group.

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Did you know that you can set us as your 'charity of choice' when using PayPal? Just click the logo above or search Sober in the Country Ltd.