Behind the scenes of SITC are just two full-time remotely based staff including Shanna (our founder) and Flip (our remote executive assistant who we prefer to refer to as our Magical Unicorn.)

On a given day you'll find these two both slaving away lovingly to do what they can with what they have - the motto SITC lives by.

When you hear us discussing our ''minions'' - we're totally kidding. 

Critical to the mental health support of our founder are our two blue ''healers'' and mascots Fleabag & Mallee-Girl. You'll see these gals feature often. Here at SITC we are big believers of dogs in the role of the lives of humans. Fleabag is 15 years young and doing great, and Mallee-Girl is a small blue cyclone learning her manners to take the top job some day. 

Sitting in the background for support and guidance as directors are Tim Whan (we like to call this extraordinary bloke the Founder of the Founder) and Matty Tonkin (who is 3 years alcohol free and an ambassador for rural men).

We have plans (and pretty serious need now, too) for a couple of extra staff. As with all these things - it comes down to an issue of sustainability, funding, and finance. If you feel like you are equipped to help our NFP grow; we'd love your help. The best ways you can do that are outlined here for you.


A photo we managed to grab between border lockdowns with (L-R) Flip, Timbo, Shan, and Matty.