Meet our team (2 staff, and 2 support crew).

Shanna Whan

Founder &


Shanna Whan is the creator, founder and CEO of this national charity. She's known across Australia for her very authentic and raw brand of conversations and truth-sharing about booze in the bush. As a recovered alcoholic herself, she now fights and advocates for others just like her all over rural Australia. This charity is her life's work. Her voice is the SITC voice and she aims for simply bringing hope to the many who need it.

Tim Whan

Director &

Great Husband

We call Tim Whan the 'foundation of the founder' because it was through this one good man and his faith (in Shanna that she was able to rebuild her life and go on to help an army of others. Tim is a true gentleman, and one of life's unsung heroes. He's the owner of his own rural business Rain Agribusiness. He's also the best Uncle in Australia, so we get told!

Felicity Nolen

Ops Manager &


Flip is Shanna's wing-woman, our systems genie, our remote office manager and an angel on earth. She dedicated one year to us, and we were fortunate enough to secure funding to keep her on in 2021. We hope to make that permanent. Flip is from southern NSW and she's an ex-women's country rugby player with a fierce team spirit and dedication to helping others.

Matt Tonkin


Matty Tonkin is a silent Director, so to speak. As a fellow non-drinker from the bush, he's a source of support for Shan. Matty recently relocated from south western QLD to the Snowy Monaro where he's running a station and living his best life while keeping an eye on our CEO and helping out here and there when time permits.

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The Sober in the Country Ltd charity is grateful for seed-funding in 2020 from these extraordinary donors.