''our team, partners, and allied organisations have been carefully chosen & curated based on the fact they share the same authenticity & vision for sustainable rural Australians''


Shanna Whan

Founder &


Shanna Whan is the creator, founder and CEO of this national charity. She's known across Australia for her very honest and raw brand of conversations and truth-sharing about booze in the bush. As a recovered alcoholic herself, she now fights and advocates for others just like her all over rural Australia.

Tim Whan

Director &

Great Husband

We call Tim Whan the 'foundation of the founder' because it was through this one good man and his faith in his wife (Shanna) that she was able to rebuild her life and go on to help an army of others. Tim is a true gentleman, and one of life's unsung heroes. He's the owner of his own business Rain Agribusiness.

Felicity Nolen

Ops Manager &


Flip is our systems genie and operations manager who has helped to build and refine the SITC operating platforms - and she's done this entirely as a volunteer. Flip is from southern NSW and she's an ex-women's country rugby player with a fierce team spirit and dedication to helping others.

Matt Tonkin


Matty Tonkin is a Goondiwindi (Queensland) lad, Dad, avid golfer, lover of this wide brown land, and a sober bloke who's newly on board to share his wisdom, friendship and mutual passion for 'sustainable people' in agriculture with our core group of Shan, Tim, and Filp. Matty is a legend and we love him dearly. 


'' There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in ..... ''

 Desmond Tutu