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The Amplification Project

After 8 years of 'going first' advocacy - SITC has paved the way for others to volunteer to now step up and share their own personal stories of cutting back or quitting alcohol. The Amplification Project is us sharing those stories for online distribution.  Because what we know about the power of lived-experience is that when others see and hear a story they resonate with - a lifeline is thrown. This project is our way of throwing the net wider and further - so that we can reach, impact, and save more rural lives - and more importantly; create generational change.

Download the full brief here

If you'd like to donate to SITC (via our secure Donorbox registered charity portal,) to support this project or sponsor an episode (each episode will cost around $10,000 to produce) - then please get in touch as we'd love your support. We have funding for the first ten vignettes (short video stories) thanks to the immense generosity of Shine On Foundation, but we are seeking to grow the project into a full length feature documentary, and we're seeking support for that chapter. And to grow our team.

If you'd like to be considered for a vignette (short video) please submit your story here.

"This will be the most vital work SITC has undertaken to date. Because our power to change a conversation and culture lies not in self but in a collective. And this project brings a collective together to amplify the truth about their own stories.'' 

Shanna Whan, CEO & Founder, Sober in the Country.

WATCH Matthew's testimonial below for the blueprint for the style and content we will be producing :

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