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The Amplification Project

After eight years of 'going first' and building precious trust across the outback, SITC has paved the way for others to safely share their powerful and relatable stories of cutting back or quitting alcohol. Our founder and CEO, Shanna Whan, is travelling across Australia to co-produce and co-direct these stories herself because we know the power of lived experience and that when others see and hear a story they resonate with, a lifeline is thrown. So, this project is our way of throwing the net wider and further.


Part 1 : Danielle's Story

Part 2 : Hugh Dawson's Story

Part 3 : Munro Hardy's Story

Businesswoman & Mum of 4: Benita

Hugh Dawson + Munro Hardy Mashup

''TAP'' promo clip:

Matty's Testimonial (where it all began)

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