''Our charity vision is a complete and permanent shift in the outback alcohol culture. We strive for a totally inclusive rural Australia where every individual feels authentically welcome and catered for at social gatherings whether they drink alcohol or not, and no matter their reason.

Our mission is to keep doing what we can with what we have to educate the rural demographic to know that it's ''OK2SAYNO'' to alcohol and that we as a collective society don't diminish or ostracise others when they choose to say no or not today. We will continue to use real-talk from a boots-on-the-ground (rural) perspective to down stigmas, barriers, and the ancient / outdated notion around ''anonymity'' as effective (or indeed possible) in a bush setting.  We will continue to advocate for a new normal, where, just as we don't demonise our mates who can enjoy a beer in moderation - we ensure those who choose 'no' aren't demonised any longer, either. Our mission is to catch people before they fall via social impact, invlusicity, and change through education, peer-support, and real talk.


'' There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in ..... ''

 Desmond Tutu