''Our dream is an inclusive rural Australia where every single person feels welcome and catered for in a social setting whether they drink alcohol or not.''- Shanna Whan

Our vision is a future rural and regional Australian culture in which it's ''OK2SAYNO'' to alcohol and we fully support and include our mates whether they choose to drink booze or not; and to realise a future where every single hard working regional or remote Aussie has equal access to adequate services or support when they recognise they need a hand. SITC is already achieving massive social impact and shifts through our independent, rural, grassroots alcohol-awareness conversations and initiatives. We will continue to work from a broadscale advocacy perspective to demand our federal and state governments step up to fill the gaps and to play their part in this invisible regional health crisis. To learn all about our charity, our CEO, and what we do, click here.


''There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in'' - Desmond Tutu