There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

our vision is a future rural & regional Australia where it's ''OK2SAYNO'' (to a beer) & where we fully support & include our mates - whether they choose to drink or not

SITC is a national charity based on grassroots education and a colloquial social awareness campaign that it's ''OK2SAYNO'' to either cut back or say no booze if that is the choice of an individual. Our core aim is to shift what is traditionally a culture in which we identify a rural person by their ability to drink - and to create a far healthier and inclusive culture.

Straight up; please understand that neither SITC as a charity (nor Shanna as the CEO & national speaker) are presenting as ''the answer'' or as a ''solutions programme'' to the monstrous and complex problem that is alcohol abuse, misuse, or addiction. We know too well that tackling this crisis which costs us 6,000 Australian lives annually requires a national united front, strategies, huge amounts of funding, and teams of dedicated full-time professionals.


We are here to collaborate and align with the existing initiatives and programmes in place but moreso to make conversations in this space less threatening and stigmatised so that our mates know they're not alone and have less barriers to seeking help in the often-overlooked rural professional demographic where treatment, services and anonymity may not be possible.


- we do not advocate in there being a 'one-size fits all' approach to alcohol abuse/ism

- we DO believe in prevention through proactive and honest yarns between real people

- we know that every time somebody says it's ''OK2SAYNO'' lives are changed

- we promote this positive message in a demographic that is overlooked

- our focus is in sustainable regional and rural PEOPLE (not just agriculture) 

- we don't judge or demonise alcohol or those who drink moderately - we support choice

- we are here for those who choose not to, or cannot drink moderately

- we are not here to 'reinvent' the wheel - but we are here to re-calibrate the wheel for the bush

- our advocacy ranges from educational 'entry-level' discussions to complex discussions

- our foundation is built on faith, 'paying it forward' and passing on hope for others

- to continue expanding and achieving this vision we will continue to align with others

- we challenge anonymity as the key to 'helping' our mates in a space it's not actually possible

we believe anonymity should be a choice for each individual

- we believe healing happens together, and not isolation, shame or judgement. 

Our charity constitution as approved by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ABN number 92 636 739 645) is freely available for the public to view via the ACNC website.