Welcome to Sober in the Country, where we help our rural mates say “no thanks” or “not today” to booze.
We’re doing what they said could never be done…
… we’re saving lives by changing the narrative around booze in the bush.
We have a simple message and a bold vision: a future where every single one of our rural and remote mates – from farmers to FIFO workers – know it’s always okay to say ‘no thanks’ or ‘not today’ to booze.

We're a national charity creating radical social change and saving the lives of rural and remote Australians affected by alcohol harm through our advocacy, straight talk, lived experience, partnerships with leading Alcohol and Drug (AOD) organisations, and our online peer-support group, the Bush Tribe.


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We know an honest conversation can change or save a life, so we’ve provided a way you can hear the stories of people from the bush just like you.

Watch videos of our rural mates sharing their powerful, relatable stories of hope after choosing a life with less or no booze. Here you’ll also find videos of our founder and CEO, Shanna Whan, who started it all by sharing her story – an unfiltered, inspiring tale of both struggles and success – that’s resonated with people all around Australia.
Sober in the Country is a much-needed mental health platform – a safe place to be yourself.
Whether you are curious about getting sober or already rocking your sobriety with many years onboard and being a role model to others, it's packed with useful links and information that is impossible to find all in the one place elsewhere. It's comforting to know that we are not alone and can express our struggles here without judgement. I love Sober in the Country and the Bush Tribe and am very proud to be a member of this like-minded tribe.
Anonymous Bush Tribe member
The Sober in the Country group is a safe haven for me. I feel supported in my highs and lows, held and protected.
As a young woman trying to grapple with the process of ridding alcohol out of my life completely, my journey is being driven by the inspiration of my newfound community. I feel blessed every day to be a part of this network and rural family!
Lily, Bush Tribe member
Living in the country there seems to be greater pressure to drink.
It's generally laughed at when you say you don't drink and are pressured into having one 'with the boy (or girls)', so you don't go out, you don't go to local events. The hardships of farm life and rural isolation means we really enjoy catching up at events, but the drinking culture is in your face. Sober in the Country are all rural/remote people who support each other. [The Bush Tribe] members provide advice, making us feel not so isolated, and especially help with ways to deal with the drinking culture in the bush. I would be lost without the Tribers and Sober in the Country and would have given in to that pressure.
Anonymous Bush Tribe member
I am unaware of any peer support service that has the same level of acceptance and understanding that Sober in the Country has.
You can be 1 day or 10,000 days into your voyage, and you can be abstaining completely or simply trying to reduce – but it's all done with the same kind words and support from your peers.
Terri, Bush Tribe member
I joined the Bush tribe about one week into my sober journey and found I was not alone in everything I was going through.
I only wished I’d joined earlier and had access to the resources before starting to detox. I’m now three years sober and I believe Sober in the Country and its peer support group have played a major role in changing my life.
Steve, Electrician

  • Farewell, Young 🍒 🚗 ❤️ 

HUGE shoutout to the families and extraordinary humans who’ve made this week of filming possible.

We will keep you posted when the magic is ready to drop 🎥
  • Our brand new winter trucker caps are now available to order online at our shop ❤️🤗 !!

The Yellowstone brown is a gorgeous corduroy and the blue is denim. The vibe we wanted here was a little bit minimalist and a little bit retro . They look so good.

You’ll notice we have intentionally also ditched the double stripes. We wanted classic and classy options and these definitely fit the bill 👌🏽

(All our range is available at soberinthecountry.org - under “SHOP”)

Big thanks to @insigniacustomcompany for their professionalism in making our caps, and to our mates at @printlocker who manage our store so we can do the other things we need to do 💪🏼🫶🏻
  • Last weekend we shared a simple photo of a lovely fella (hey, Mark 😝🤭) who is the bar manager from Nebo Rodeo (aka, Australia’s #1 voted rodeo). We wrote about the committee’s choice to support our charity message of making it #OK2SAYNO (to booze) and to support mates … no matter what they choose to drink … and how they set about ensuring they stocked tasty, healthy, thoughtful alternatives to alcohol in their bar over the weekend of events for patrons and competitors.

The post went viral, and without us promoting it, has so far reached 100,000 people. It just keeps climbing. Most of the reach and comments are rural. And most have expressed a total and overwhelming delight to see our message being shared and to see a remote bush event on board so publicly and committing to catering for EVERYONE - and not just the “drinkers” 🩷

As we said in that post: this is what leadership and social impact in action looks like.

We’ve since had floods of messages from other rural people expressing their heartfelt wish to see more organisers of other big Ag events, field days, weddings, races, sporting days, conferences. etc, doing this same thing - and also saying they hope to see others publicly supporting our charity.

All in all - we are deeply encouraged and thankful to the Nebo mob for leading, adopting our message, and showing how very simple it is to be the change 👌🏽

We’ve been making these suggestions for a very long time, and what this post showed us is that the message is absolutely making serious impact and change among the communities and progressive crews who get on board.

If you’d like to support us, or make change, our website is ridiculously informative and full of good stuff. In the coming months, we are also working on an “OK2SAYNO Accreditation” certificate plus some templates so that you, too, can approach your local club or crew in the way we know works best which is super friendly, and all about the wins.

In the meantime - head to soberinthecountry.org to learn more about what we do, and why.

Thanks again, Nebo. We bloody love your work and your leadership.
  • And: that’s a WRAP.

Seven days and nights in the cherry capital 🎥 filming some amazing rural humans who are choosing their best lives without alcohol.

Our little crew of three is fairly well shattered but our hearts are bursting with big, big emotions and huge amounts of love and respect for the remarkable humans who’ve entrusted their stories - long and short - or their support of loved ones, to us.

We cannot wait to share more, in the weeks ahead.

Until next time, southern NSW, you gorgeous frosty wonderland 🩷