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SITC is creating social impact across the entire rural landscape by making it OK2SAYNO if a mate says 'no' to a beer. We represent the minority of hard working rural & remote Australians who have to overcome adversity (and addiction) in isolation.


''this online discussion is creating social impact, change, and massive cultural shifts in a space that's been overlooked for too long and it's an incredible thing to be part of''- Shanna Whan.

social impact

Every day we are affecting really positive cultural and social shifts across the rural space (and further afield) by sharing lived experience, real talk, information and education via our various socials which reach about 50,000 people. Our episode of Australian Story was viewed by about 3 million Aussies, too.


10,000 hours were invested by our founder Shanna as a volunteer long before SITC became a national charity (and she transitioned to being CEO). She still works tirelessly but now it's with a national voice and alongside some of Australia's key alcohol awareness groups on the frontline of critical policy change for the future

a safe space

SITC provides a safe online ''home'' and space where almost 700 rural professionals are currently working together and who share the same goal to cut back or stop alcohol use altogether and want to feel like they can speak freely about their own sobriety journeys and the challenges and triumphs of alcohol-free life in a rural demographic.


Shanna Whan travels upon invitation to deliver keynote educational talks and lectures all over Australia. Her audiences include schools, universities, and the rural, ag. and corporate world. She's shared the stage and TV screens with celebrities and is completely fearless about speaking truth with her trademark raw humour. 


''There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in'' - Desmond Tutu