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We're a bush not-for-profit going upstream to save lives through our #OK2SAYNO campaign, straight-talk advocacy & alcohol awareness, and a safe hub for mates to have a yarn.

social impact

Every day we are creating connection, community, and social impact across the rural space (and further afield) by sharing lived experience, real talk, information and education via our various socials which are today reaching up to 100,000 people.

Our media (TV, radio, and podcasts) have now been heard by millions.


What began as one woman, a vision, and 15,000 hours as a volunteer advocate is now an established, credible, national advocacy platform for social change in the bush. SITC is driving unprecedented awareness and change in the rural space nationally and pioneering a healthier way forward for the bush.


SITC is 'home' for a private online group of hundreds of working rural and regional Australians in our recently launched Bush Tribe; a website we developed and launched to ensure those taking part in discussions could be ensured total privacy if that was necessary. In time we hope to secure funding for the development of a more user-friendly APP that's free for all.


Shanna Whan calls herself an accidental and unlikely public personality. Yet she's now recognised nationally for her straight talk and raw authentic style of advocacy via truth that comes simply from lived experience as a rural person in the rural space. Something she knows is terribly lacking for a very overlooked demographic. She travels on invitation - please visit the Bookings section. 

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