SITC is a national grassroots bush charity catching hard working rural and remote Australians falling through the cracks of overcoming addiction in permanent isolation. We are pioneering & leading change through connections, sharing the truth, and by simply teaching our mates it's OK2SAYNO to a beer. 


In November 2019 SITC transitioned from solo volunteer and founder Shanna Whan - with nothing more to her name than words and a vision to help others - and 'we' became a national registered charity with a tiny team, a huge heart, and now a national reach thanks to our helpers and donors in the rural space and our philanthropic investors . Many have played a huge and crucial part in allowing us to move ahead in leaps and bounds during lockdown, in 2020. Read more about Shan, the charity, and our volunteers here

social impact

Every day we are creating connection, community, and social impact across the rural space (and further afield) by sharing lived experience, real talk, information and education via our various socials which are today reaching up to 100,000 people in addition to the three million viewers who tuned in to Australian Story.


15,000 hours were invested by our founder Shanna as a volunteer before SITC became a national charity and she transitioned to being CEO. She still works tirelessly but now SITC has a national voice and impact alongside some of Australia's key alcohol awareness groups on the frontline of critical policy change for the future


SITC is 'home' for a private online group of 700 hard working rural and regional Australians. In August we are also going to be launching our brand new

platform called Bush Tribe to ramp up security and refine our online space and ensure it stays laser-focused on the demographic we are here for -  and to keep supporting those who want to drink less, or not at all. 


Shanna Whan calls herself an accidental and unlikely public personality. Yet she's now recognised nationally for her straight talk and raw authentic style of advocacy via truth that comes simply from lived experience as a rural person in the rural space. Something she knows is terribly lacking for a very overlooked demographic. She travels on invitation - please visit the Bookings section. 

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rural leaders making it ''ok2sayno''


'' There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in ..... ''

 Desmond Tutu