Addiction is the same in terms of cause and effect regardless of geographic location. We are all in this fight together.

However, our charity, Sober in the Country, exists to support specifically rural and remote Australians because the barriers to overcoming addiction in permanent “ISO” – not only geographic isolation, but less access to primary healthcare and clinical support too – make for an entirely different set of challenges and circumstances for those in the fight. 

The drinking culture out here is pervasive and woven into the culture of working, relaxing and celebrating. And there is appallingly little discussion around our increased rates of alcohol harm and the lack of services and support for us.

This is why when our mates from the city or large regional centres seek us out for help, we refer them on to our counterparts who are city based and have the staff, capacity, funding and resources to support you.

Some key national Australian organisations we can recommend as a starting point: