#OK2SAYNO (to booze)


The Bush Tribe is an online community of hundreds of rural Aussies who understand how tough it is to cut back or cut out booze in the bush. It's a safe, anonymous (if you wish) space where mates support each other by sharing their experiences, resources and what's helped them.

A simple hashtag. A life-saving message creating social change and social inclusion in the bush. Get involved.

At Sober in the Country, our purpose is never to comment on or judge our mates who are able to enjoy a beer or two safely or in moderation.

Our aim instead – with your help – is to ensure that anyone who chooses not to drink (or to drink less) will be supported and included.

Join our #OK2SAYNO movement and help our mates know that it's always #OK2SAYNO.

How you can help

Take the #OK2SAYNO pledge

We invite you, your family, your mates, your organisation and/or your venue to take the #OK2SAYNO pledge.

How to take the #OK2SAYNO pledge:

1. Share the #OK2SAYNO logo widely across your website, socials (including the hashtag), invitations to events and on signs and more at your venue or workplace. And when sharing on socials, don't forget to tag us and use the hashtags: #OK2SAYNO #OK2SAYNOPLEDGE #SITC #SOBERINTHECOUNTRY #RURAL #MENTALHEALTH

2. Share the pledge you’ve made:

We've taken the #OK2SAYNO pledge to always include and cater for our non-drinking mates too. We’re proud to support Sober in the Country and do our bit to help encourage a better culture where it's always #OK2SAYNO to booze.

3. Ensure you always have plenty of tasty alcohol-free drink options available.

Click here to download the #OK2SAYNO logo and pledge

Remember to cater for everyone and ensure you have plenty of tasty, healthy, alcohol-free options. You can get some ideas for what to serve here

By taking this pledge, sharing our #OK2SAYNO message, and publicly showing your support, you're saving lives by helping us spread the word that it’s #OK2SAYNO. This message is vital for the mental health of rural and remote Australians affected by alcohol harm. So, we thank you wholeheartedly.

Don't forget to cater to everyone and support your mates who say “no thanks” or “not today” to the offer of booze.

Please don’t assume everyone at your event drinks alcohol. Remember to keep some decent alternatives to grog in your esky, your board rooms and rec rooms, in your home and at your events. Plenty of us are keen to socialise but happier to do so over a sparkling water or lemonade. 

And we hear repeatedly from event hosts that the alcohol-free options sell out super fast and they’re making a healthy profit, too. Even those who enjoy a drink or two are thrilled to see that they can switch to something else tasty when they’ve had a beer or a wine.

We recommend you opt for a selection of zero-alcohol beer, wines, or spirits and also include an option like soda water or ETCH Sparkling for those who can’t drink ‘’imitation alcohol’’ (which can be a risky trigger zone for our mates who’ve battled addiction). Find out more here.

We ask you to please get into the habit of letting no mean “no” (the first time) if your mate doesn’t want alcohol ... and to include your mates, no matter the kind of drink they have in their hands.

These simple actions can be a HUGE help in supporting and including your mates who are choosing to cut back or cut out booze.

Participate in our annual #OK2SAYNO Day fundraising challenge

Each year in February, we celebrate #OK2SAYNO Day with a mental health awareness fundraising challenge for our rural mates.
Whether it's just you and your mates, you and your family, or with the crew at your workplace or community organisation, we invite you to take the #OK2SAYNO Day challenge.

How to take the #OK2SAYNO Day challenge:

1. Host an alcohol-free event or BBQ to celebrate, normalise and show support for our mates who are choosing to cut back or opt out of alcohol.

2. Donate the “equivalent” of your average BBQ alcoholic drinks budget to Sober in the Country via our donate page.

3. Take some epic photos, share them widely on your website and socials. And don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags: #OK2SAYNO #OK2SAYNOCHALLENGE #OK2SAYNODAY #SITC #SOBERINTHECOUNTRY #RURAL #MENTALHEALTH

By taking this challenge, you’ll be helping us to spread the message around our rural communities that when we include, cater for and remember our non-drinking mates, we're changing the narrative around booze in the bush and literally helping save lives. Thank you. 

Wall of legends 

Just a few of the awesome rural humans and organisations who’ve taken our #OK2SAYNO pledge or challenge and are helping us to spread the #OK2SAYNO message: