Sober in the Country has only been able to grow and make real change thanks to our treasured core philanthropic donors and core funders.

Almost all of our revenue (and capacity to keep getting up and showing up) has come from philanthropic foundations, corporate partners in Ag and private donors. Without their generosity, our organisation wouldn't exist. We are enormously thankful to those who allow us to get on with our work in a grassroots way at a grassroots level.

If you would like to make a private donation also to help fund our life-saving work, you can head to our donate page or get in touch. Thank you.


The Snow Foundation

The Snow Foundation was established by brothers Terry and George Snow in 1991 and is today a family philanthropic organisation that creates opportunities and strengthens resilience for a more caring and inclusive community. A large part of the foundation’s role is to take risks while backing inspiring people and new ideas and being nimble. They address gaps and tackle underlying causes that lead to inequality by raising awareness, meeting basic needs and contributing to systemic change.

This is precisely what The Snow Foundation’s ongoing support and core funding has allowed our team at Sober in the Country to achieve and work towards.

We acknowledge, in particular, the work of Georgie and Alex and their support over the years and years to come. We owe incalculable gratitude to this family who have enabled us to change and save lives across the outback.


The Yulgilbar Foundation

The Yulgilbar Foundation supports communities via their grant-making programs. When establishing their Private Ancillary Fund, the family wished to engage strategically with communities over a long period of time, ideally continuing their philanthropic giving for many generations.

The first organisation to approach and fund Sober in the Country was the Yulgilbar Foundation, headed up by the beautiful vision and generosity of the late Sidney Baillieu Myer AC, whose idea to help others has spanned decades. ‘Bails’, as he was affectionately known to many, had a wide variety of philanthropic interests, supporting everything from diplomacy to dementia research.

We are eternally thankful to Sam, Maddie, and the Yulgilbar team who saw us, believed us, and stepped up to help.


The Shine on Foundation

The Shine on Foundation choose to fly under the radar and support from afar, as do many of our supporters.

Their generosity has allowed us to embark upon our significant work across 2023 and 2024: The Amplification Project. We are so immensely grateful to Paula Thompson and the Shine On team for seeing the power of this project to impact and change rural lives, and we’re so proud of the impact this project is already having on rural Australians. 


The Bowden Marstan Foundation

The Bowden Marstan Foundation’s grants assist a wide variety of not-for-profit and charitable organisations around Australia.
In 2023, this family-based philanthropic organisation reached out to us at Sober in the Country. After several meetings, The Bowden Marstan Foundation decided to further contribute to The Amplification Project. This project is still being acquitted, but you can view the videos released to date on Our Stories page.

Qantas Regional Grants 2023

The Qantas Regional Grants program was launched by Qantas in 2019 to help Australian communities to have brighter futures, providing financial, flight and marketing support to many charities, organisations, causes, projects and individuals. 

In 2023, Sober in the Country was the successful recipient of the Qantas Regional Grants programme and awarded flights to rural communities to help us to raise awareness of the negative impacts of alcohol in the bush and provide resources and support.


The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation (VFFF)

The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation is a charitable trust established by Sr Vincent Fairfax in 1962. To date, this family foundation has gifted more than $200 million to Australian communities.

In 2020, we were successful in our application to the VFFF and were awarded a one-off grant, which we put towards funding our core activities at the time:

  • growing our online peer-support group the Bush Tribe, a safe and anonymous place for rural Australians affected by alcohol harm to meet, and
  • establishing a permanent role for our administration support person, Felicity Nolen.

Northern beef pastoralist leaders

In 2021, Sober in the Country was collectively donated a generous $22,500 by a collective of leading northern beef pastoralists, including Hewitt Cattle Co., Stanbroke Pastoral Co., Paraway Pastoral Co., Northern Australian Pastoral Co., MDH Pty Ltd, Jumbuck Pastoral Co., Colinta Holdings, Australian Country Choice (ACC) and AACO (Australian Agricultural Company).
We are grateful to say that, to this day, Sober in the Country is supported by leading agricultural companies like these.

Private donors

All across Australia, we receive donations from a variety of sources, from individuals to corporate agricultural businesses and those who see the need for our work, education, and advocacy.

From the regenerative agriculture sector to “Mum and Dad” donations, at Sober in the Country we are so unbelievably thankful to everyone who shares our vision and enables us to get to work and continue to affect change.

If you would like to make a private donation also to help fund our life-saving work, you can head to our donate page. Thank you.

Communities across Australia

When our founder, Shanna, is invited to speak, travel and deliver the Sober in the Country message, we request that a speaker fee be paid, which is a much-needed income stream for our charity.

We've now travelled the length and breadth of Australia upon invitation, and, in doing so, we've successfully generated a modest income that helps us with the many expenses of running a charity and making real change for regional and remote Aussies affected by alcohol harm.