Need support?
You're not alone.

We know that contemplating a life of being sober in the country can be pretty overwhelming because out here our lives have been built around socialising and doing business with booze. 

And we also know it can be really hard to know where to start. So, we’ve put together some cracking resources and links to support organisations and more to help you.

But first, let’s look at the role of alcohol in your life.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Using alcohol to cope with uncomfortable situations, life events, feelings or emotions
Hiding your alcohol use or drinking alone
Seeing alcohol coming before your other responsibilities (e.g. work or school)
Experiencing guilt and anxiety over drinking all the time
Your alcohol use is impacting your friends, family, work, and your finances
Switching drinks, watering down drinks, or trying to avoid getting drunk ... but you keep ending up drunk, no matter what you try 
Engaging in risky behaviour as a result of drinking (e.g. drink-driving or unprotected sex)
Experiencing dependence and withdrawal symptoms (e.g. needing more alcohol to experience the same effects)
Losing control of your drinking / not being able to stop even if you want to
Experiencing blackouts and lost time when you drink
Drinking and the after-effects (e.g. recovering from a hangover) are taking over your life.

If yes, then it's probably time to look at the role of alcohol in your life ...

... and consider moderation or quitting.

The good news is that the first half of the battle can be as simple as recognising that you need to investigate where you’re at with alcohol.

What we suggest you consider doing next is:

Speak to your GP and be honest
Speak to your closest family and friends and be honest
Reach out and find some peer support (our online Bush Tribe is amazing)
Check out the resources we've put together for you below
Get to work on building yourself a comprehensive Toolbox of strategies to help you stick to your goals to cut back or cut out booze
Investigate some kind of strategy, plan, program and/or structured support
Look into clinical support if necessary
Get some inspiration and hope by watching our Amplification Project videos
Even just Google “sobriety” … the information available online now is endless

We cannot tell you exactly what's next ...

... because we don’t know you and your own life and health history like you do. It’s going to be a puzzle for you to piece together over time. But with peer support (like our Bush Tribe) cheering you on, clinical support (if necessary) and a willingness to work hard to make a change, we know there is a way forward for you. 

We’re so glad you're here, prioritising your own wellbeing. 

Have a read through all the resources we have listed for you below and get started building your own toolbox from the bits and pieces that resonate for you.

Resources & Support Organisations