Watch videos of our rural mates sharing their powerful, relatable stories of hope after choosing a life with less or no booze.

At Sober in the Country, we know that when someone sees and hears a story that they resonate with, a lifeline is thrown. We guarantee that someone you know needs to see these videos to understand that there's hope and they aren’t alone (and that “someone” may even be you!).

Whether you're watching these videos in your lounge room, playing them to your staff in a meeting room, or sending them to a mate to watch, you’re helping us throw our net wider to change and save the lives of more rural Aussies and spread the #OK2SAYNO message.

Scroll on to watch some short, beautifully filmed, authentic and stirring stories. And, please, share them widely.


Benita’s Story

“As a young person growing up in rural Australia, I absolutely felt like in order to truly belong that you needed to drink alcohol.”

This story features Benita Bensch – farmer, coach and mother to four boys – from Mooney in South West Queensland. This video is Part 5 of our groundbreaking Amplification Project.


Hugh & Munro’s Story Mashup

“There’s not many alternatives when it comes to looking for a place to go to socialise and to be with other people. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a pressure to drink [in the country].”

This video shares the stories of two men working a cattle station near Katherine in the Northern Territory – Munro Hardy and Hugh Dawson (see their full stories below). This video is Part 4 of our groundbreaking Amplification Project.


Munro’s Story

“You hear stories of people cutting back for a month or three months and how good it is, how good they feel. And it was just that … every now and again just chipping away, hearing those stories. And that made me question my habits and what we were doing.”

This story features Munro Hardy – who owns and runs Carbeen Park Cattle Station with his partner Grace, in the Northern Territory. This video is Part 3 of our groundbreaking Amplification Project.


Hugh’s Story

“The catalyst came to me from my managers … they basically told me in black and white that they could see that I had a future in ag and in northern Australia, but that I was going to piss it up against a wall if I didn’t take a pretty good hard look at what I was doing.”

This story features Hugh Dawson – a former station hand in the far north of the Northern Territory. This video is Part 2 of our groundbreaking Amplification Project.


Danielle’s Story

“I can’t really pinpoint any time that I went from just being a happy social drinker to someone that couldn’t stop. Once I had that first drink, I just had to keep drinking.”

This story features Danielle Sticklen – farmer, married mother of three and descendant of the Ngunnawal mob – from Warwick in South East Queensland. This video is Part 1 of our groundbreaking Amplification Project.


Matty’s Story

“As I grew I up … it became second nature. Every day after work, I got stuck into the beers. I didn’t always want one, but I felt I needed one. That need for one became two, three, became ten. By my early forties, drinking had overtaken my life.”

This story features Matty Tonkin – farmer and family man – from North Star in rural New South Wales. This powerful video testimonial was recorded for Shanna's  Australian of the Year, Local Hero award win in 2022.

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