This page holds all the key info you’ll need when booking Shanna, promoting your event and preparing for your event to run smoothly.

Please carefully read over all the vital information on this page, which includes: key info, costs to book Shanna and two essential checklists for your event.

Before booking Shanna, you will also need to be familiar with the content on these two pages:

We can’t wait to come and spend time with you at your event! 

Key info

Events where alcohol is served are not a problem: Sober in the Country is all about inclusion, no matter the kind of drink in your hand.

We encourage you to provide tasty alcohol-free drink options for guests in line with our #OK2SAYNO message. (we recommend ETCH Sparkling).

Shanna needs a minimum of 30 minutes for most events, but preferably 45 minutes.

If possible, we have two short video clips with audio to share.

We need hosts to use our Approved content for hosts and media to introduce Sober in the Country or when posting on Social Media before events. This is critical because our language is very niche and carefully crafted.

When Shanna travels as an ambassador for Sober in the Country, all speaker fees go directly to the charity as part of our income stream.

Costs to book Shanna

All keynote speaker fees are custom quoted based on the location and specific details of your event.

In addition to our keynote speaker fee, you will need to budget for costs associated with Shanna's travel: find the detailed breakdown here.

A deposit of $1,000 is required three months before your event.

Deposits are non-refundable if you / the host cancels less than one month before the event.

If you're a community group or an NFP, please note that we do not have the capacity for pro bono speaking engagements. So, please investigate local grants via your Primary Healthcare Network (PHN) and/or sponsorship and support from local businesses, your council, etc.

If an event is impacted by weather, natural disasters, or unforeseen circumstances (including COVID 19), this will be viewed as unforeseen losses incurred by the host.

Sober in the Country will not be liable to refund flights, accommodation, car hire, transfers, and other related costs: only the speaker portion of the fee will be refunded if already paid in full.

Checklist 1: Preparing for your event to run smoothly

Do you have a quality microphone along with a spare microphone / batteries / backup? 

Have you tested your microphone and done a thorough sound check?

Do you have audio / screen capacity and have you confirmed this with Sober in the Country? (We have two short clips to share if possible.)

Do you have water / sparkling water on hand for Shanna?  

Do you have alternatives to alcohol on hand for your guests?

Have you arranged your venue to ensure a seated audience with no distractions for the length of Shanna's presentation?  (E.g. don't book us in during 'standing drinks and nibbles'.)

Have you ensured your agenda has been set up so that Shanna’s keynote doesn’t clash with a meal or service? 

Have you communicated with Sober in the Country about Shanna's accomodation, and is this accomodation finalised?

Has your MC received Shanna's bio and introduction and any notes Shanna has shared with you for her presentation?

Are you and your MC clear on how to pronounce Shanna's full name? It's pronounced: Shanna to rhyme with Anna, Whan to rhyme with swan.

Checklist 2: Promoting your event

Have you sent any Social Media / promotional content for the event to Sober in the Country to check prior to publishing / sending? You can email posts / content for approval to admin@soberinthecountry.org

Have you used only images of Shanna from our Approved content for hosts and media page to market her presentation at your event?

Have you used only our official Sober in the Country / #OK2SAYNO etc. logos from our Approved content for hosts and media page to market your event?

Thank you for helping to ensure we'll have a terrific event ... 

... and that your audience will get the most out of Shanna's presentation!

If you have any questions about your upcoming event / Shanna's presentation, please send us a message using our contact form.