we've created an online community for rural, remote, or regional professionals, business-owners, farming men and women - and other like-minded bush people  


Our online rural tribe provides a safe, inclusive online peer-to-peer support hub for about 700 hard-working rural and remote men and women who are busy professionals on the land and in associated agricultural work and/or those with jobs and careers in small rural towns who share the same wish to either cut back or stop drinking. We have spent years carefully crafting this truly unique space with its laser-sharp focus on those who identify and cannot access confidential local support and services or leave their jobs, homes, or lives for treatment (and nor do they qualify). Read what some of our members say, and then keep scrolling for more information below. 


''Everything I've tried before has failed because I've done it alone. This group gave me the one thing I'd never had before - peer support and acknowledgement. I am now 1 year sober and running marathons.''

- A. (farmer + single Dad, South Australia.)

''As a young jillaroo on a station surrounded by alcohol, this is my safe place.''

- P. (NT, Stockwoman.)

''I joined SITC out of curiosity and found sobriety, I also found a group of like minded rural Australian professionals who understood the drinking culture of Australia and how hard it is to moderate your drinking or get help for a drinking problem in the country.''

-V. (Casino, NSW, farmer.)

''Being a bloke on the land, I'd never before felt secure discussing my sobriety. Now I know I am not alone. The group isn't there to ''fix me''- but they cheer me on while I do the work.'

- M. (Agribusiness Manager, Tasmania)

''It’s like talking to long lost friends. All very like-minded people with lots of the same values and goals. We are all just wanting to be better people for our family and friends. That’s what I love about this group.''

- C. (rural QLD business owner)

 A remedy for the social expectation and loneliness of recovery in the country. The group takes on the added obstacles of distance and lack of anonymity and in turn that is what creates the community of individuals supporting one another in a safe place.''

- A. (artist, Mum)

''No real words .... other than it ‘just works’ ..... in isolation, we are together

- M. (horse trainer, nurse)

''Once I was lost, now I am found’ sums up how I feel about this amazing group of rural folk. No more loneliness, no more struggling in the dark not knowing where to turn to for connection. My heart and mind overflow with gratitude every day.''

- A. (office administrator)

''SITC offers Camaraderie Support and a comfortable place to stay.''

- S. (central west cropper)

''A non-judgemental group of bushie's for bushies trying to stay/get sober.''

- Y. (property owner)

''When you're isolated and alone it’s a place you can go - always at your fingertips, where you’ll be offered love, wisdom and acceptance.''

- M. (south NSW, admin.)

Being a part of this group has given me a strong sense of connection with others that are feeling the same way and gives me a reason to keep going.''

- M. (Milton, property owner)

''It’s very hard in towns that don’t have an aa meeting. This is a network of like minded people who support each other online, it’s great!''

S. (north western NSW)

''I am never, ever alone when I can reach out, or just read other's posts.''

- B. (farmer)

''It has made being alcohol free something to aspire too... after missing the so called camaraderie of the drinking culture, I found it here....made me feel normal....and though I don't post much, reading other REAL human beings struggles and journeys gives me fortitude. You are ALL amazing.''

- K. (north western NSW, gallery owner)

''No longer alone and isolated, uniting to fight the same fight to stay sober in the country.''

- J. (Kempsey, Nurse. NSW) 


'' There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in ..... ''

 Desmond Tutu