What is SITC exactly?

Sober in the Country Ltd is a registered national charity from a tiny team with a huge heart. We are crystal clear about what we do, and what we don't do. Read about that in detail here. But the nuts and bolts are that we are advocating (broad scale) for the bush space, as well as providing peer support through our Bush Tribe.

What is the SITC Bush Tribe?

It’s the heartbeat of our charity and a strictly members-only online ‘’family’’ and space we’ve spent six years curating. Members can also be fully anonymous if they need to be. Online pages and groups are nothing new, as we all know. But what we’ve done here is to create a secure, web-based platform (not connected to social media or Facebook) which is tailor-made and laser-focused on the demographic of hard working rural Australians. We run rural-only Zooms, and specifically exist to gather those within this space.  It’s strictly monitored and adequate duty of care is a non-negotiable for us. Read more here.

Are you Government funded?

No. We are at this stage actually choosing to retain independence from government funding. Over the past several years of various attempts to work with Australian parliament we’ve seen an apathetic and lacking response from our own state and federal leaders when it comes to stepping up in the rural sector. So we are getting on with the job for ourselves to do what needs to be done, thanks to our own philanthropic partners, and now our self-supporting peer tribe platform, The Bush Tribe.

Is SITC an official charity? 

Yes and Yes. We are a registered national organisation and have ACNC approval status, and tax deductible status also. What this means (in layman’s terms) is that we aren’t mucking about here. We are non-negotiable about doing things the right way through SITC for our community and members.  


Can we donate securely?

Yes you sure can - either directly, or indirectly! If you wish to contribute money, donate securely online here.

Where does our money go if we donate?

Currently our generous support from donors and philanthropists has gone into start-up / set-up costs and operational costs. Two volunteers (Shanna and Felicity) have spent 5 years and 12 months respectively working around the clock as volunteers to build and set up this charity, and The Bush Tribe, for example. Our philanthropic partners have helped us with seed-funding to get off the ground in 2020.

How else can I help if I can’t afford a donation?

Our 8 top ways to help are listed here.

Where can we get some merchandise?

Simply follow the link, here https://www.soberinthecountry.org/merchandise


How do I best help a family friend or loved one?

We get this question constantly. For now, SITC focuses on the person ‘in the fight’ but we are constantly looking at ways to better reach out to friends and family, as this is easily our most frequently asked question. The best thing we can do is point you to our resources section here and suggest you contact Al Anon, and start there. PLEASE get as much information and education as possible for yourself, as it’s vital for your own health and safety.


Who is the ‘team’ at SITC?

Currently we have one paid staff member and one full-time volunteer. We have pro-bono legal and accounting support, and philanthropic investors who allowed us to get ahead in 2020. We are seeking funding for urgently needed additional support and part-time staff as our message travels far and wide. Read about our charity directors here.

Can I get professional advice or counselling for myself?

As is explained in our terms and conditions, we are not a health service or a substitute for professionals, and we cannot give one-on-one advice. Our charity purpose is that we exist to operate in broad scale advocacy and awareness and to offer peer support via The Bush Tribe. Our resources page links you to the large organisations with government-funded free access to clinician support.


'' There comes a point where we need to stop pulling people out of the river and head upstream to find out why they keep falling in ..... ''

 Desmond Tutu