Whether you’re cutting back or cutting out booze, you're sure to find some resources to help here among our favourite books, podcasts and apps

So have a good browse through the lists we’ve put together for you. They’re like recovery support aids you can take with you on the go ... whether that’s listening to a podcast on the road or pulling an app out of your pocket whenever you need it.
Many of the books, podcasts and apps below are written or created by people with lived experience of alcohol harm, and in that way they can offer you a type of peer support. Hearing stories from people who know what you're going through and are willing to share their experiences and offer their tips, successes and hope can be invaluable – no matter what stage you're at in your own journey. Even hearing about their tough times can help you feel less alone. Other books and more below are by experts, psychologists and doctors on topics from mental health and trauma to mindfulness and other helpful strategies. And there's even some inspiring fiction in there too.

Sobriety books we recommend

Here’s a list of  the Sober in the Country team’s and our Bush Tribe members’ favourite books. These are all related to alcohol, self-development, and mental health ... with a couple of fictional favourites thrown in for good measure.
By clicking on the book title, you will be taken to a Google search result so you can buy the book from your own preferred online store.

Sobriety apps we recommend

Here’s a list of helpful apps recommended by our team (and they're also all highly rated on the App Store). Most of the apps are designed to help you track your sobriety in different ways and include community and/or messaging features as well. The last two in the list are designed to help you change your habits using different approaches.
By clicking on the app name below, you will be taken to the relevant website where you will find more information about the app's features and a link to download it on either Google Play or the App Store.