Social Impact 

Green Fields

We're humbled to have achieved huge things as a grassroots start-up team of just 2 people thanks to the extraordinary support of our core funders, The Snow Foundation, The Yulgilbar Foundation, a donation from the VFFF, various private and corporate donors, and thanks to our ever-growing national bush cheer squad.


Since 2019 when SITC became an official charitable org (off the back of 5 years of 100% full-time voluntary work from our founder, Shan) we've been able to create serious national social impact in a space that's previously been overlooked.


We see rural men & woman as being an essential part of national economics and to food security (no matter where you live) and we reckon supported, sustainable 'rural people' in the alcohol awareness space needs to become an absolute priority on the national health agenda. Our core areas of operation are currently peer support, advocacy and straight-talk - that's our superpower. We live here. We get it.

Awareness & Advocacy

SITC's super-power lies in story-telling and speaking plain truth, minus the fluff, through our social media (we reach up  to 900,000 people organically) and through the amplification of the stories of others. We raise awareness like this, and through our founder Shanna Whan, Australian of the Year, speaking on the ''frontlines'' from boardrooms to station rec-rooms and everything in between.

Peer Support & Connection

Creating connection, collaboration and peer-based support between rural and remote people is our thing. We know that healing happens in community, not in isolation, and over 8 years we've created, refined, and sharpened a bush community (in our Bush Tribe and on our main socials) that connects us, virtually. It's a laser-focused group for rural and remote Australians.

Education & Social Change

There is a disproportionate lack of attention given to the reality of alcohol harm in the overlooked demographic of hard-working people in bush who may 'appear' okay but are anything but. And, while big ticket items like mental health or OH&S or suicide awareness are funded and discussed - there is a desperate lack of education around the link between these social issues and alcohol.

Impact statement

Measuring our impact is key to our ongoing ability to do what we do and to then do it even better. We've created and built something never seen before in the rural space. A lot of what we do is driven by sheer heart and instinct for the bush and its' people ; but we're also working at building out processes, incorporating training, and growing our team. We want investors to know exactly what we do and why we do it. So we've put an impact statement together for you (below) which is also available in PDF here. We're always keen to hear form you and discuss anything. Please reach out any time if you'd like to support the charity.

Images: our founder Shanna has tirelessly dedicated 8 years to service, advocacy and continues to strive for actionable change from leadership.