We're stoked you’ve joined the #OK2SAYNO movement and are helping spread the word about including our mates who choose to say “no thanks” to booze.


Below you’ll find your #OK2SAYNO downloads , just hover on the picture of the item you want and click the download symbol for:
  1. the #OK2SAYNO logo with our url (in case you want to use this logo to make your own signs or communications/invitations for your workplace, venue or event), and/or
  2. your #OK2SAYNO pledge for you to print out to pop up on the wall, add to invitations, and/or share across your social media.

Don't forget to tag us in your social media posts about taking the pledge:

  • Instagram: @sober_in_the_country
  • Facebook: @Sober in the Country Ltd
  • TikTok: @sober_in_the_country


And please use these hashtags:

  • #SITC
  • #RURAL