We've spent about seven years cracking the lid (pardon the pun) on discussions around booze in the bush and how we can not just help those who want a hand to cut back or quit grog - but to also show rural Australians who enjoy a beer or two how very easy it is to save a life by simply showing support for our mates who choose to say 'no thanks' or just 'not today.'


In the end, we've cut straight to the chase and come up with the very simple message and hashtag that it's #OK2SAYNO.

Our next mission is to make this our official SITC charity 'day' nation-wide. Stay tuned - we'll keep you posted!

For now, though, we need your help to get this message further and wider than ever before.

You can do that in the simplest of ways we've listed below: 

1) just support your mates who choose to say no
2) send us a photo with the #SITC #OK2SAYNO slogan
3) tag our charity on the socials
4) grab some #OK2SAYNO merch & wear it with pride 

5) get behind our charity in these 8 very easy ways
6) put some alcohol-alternatives in your fridge
7) be sure to aways include your sober mates!
8) let your mate know about our Bush Tribe