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A simple hashtag. A life-saving message creating social change & social inclusion. Get involved.

Get in the arena with us.
Take the #OK2SAYNO pledge.
Be part of the change.


We invite you, your family or your corporate to join in and share the #OK2SAYNO pledge logo on your website, across your socials and in your invitations for drinks and events with a short and simple sentence:


''We're proud to support Sober in the Country Ltd (SITC) and take the #OK2SAYNO pledge. We're aiming to cater for our non-drinking mates, too, and to encourage a better culture where it's always #OK2SAYNO (to booze).''


This act of solidarity sets a powerful tone and will continue to change a culture so many said could never be changed. We are changing it, collectively. More info below.

Practical changes you can make today:

  • Whether you're a bush picnic race committee, a sporting club, or a corporate Ag mob .... (or anything in between) can we ask that you cater thoughtfully for those who aren't drinkers at your next function, BBQ, or conference -- and include a range of drink options that are more than the usual token cheap soft-drink or water.

  • Some of the AF options we can suggest are here.

  • If you can't include a range of delicious options for the non-drinkers in time for your event then please at least change your event invitations to include reduced ''AF'' drinks ticket prices for the non-drinkers.

  • At the very least: have sparkling water (with fresh lemon or lime) on arrival instead of only beer wine and spirits.

  • When toasting at events, raise your glasses, but add a reminder that it's #OK2SAYNO ...

  • Include the #OK2SAYNO message in your corporate governance in mental health & safety

  • Take the #OK2SAYNO pledge today and make your stance known. Help us lead this change.

  • If you are also frustrated by the lack of inclusion at your local footy club or at the gala ball you just attended -- don't whinge about it -- be the change, and drop a friendly email or feedback form to your event hosts!

  • You could link them to our website (and this section) and ask them if they'll take the #OK2SAYNO pledge, and be part of the overdue change around drink options.

  • Remind them that even social drinkers are usually thrilled to know there are healthy alternative to booze - and that the profit margin from ''AF drinks'' is there to be made.

  • The more of us who ask for change, the faster change will happen.

  • Help us normalise the option or choice to drink less, or not at all.

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