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Our ''OK2SAYNO'' campaign is an ongoing cornerstone of our work and lies at the heart of our mission: a future rural Australia in which nobody ever asks a mate ''why aren't you drinking?''

We are constantly raising awareness & making massive positive impact across every corner of this wide brown land we love, and, we need your support to keep making that happen. We don't receive any government funding or support - and we cannot keep up with the demand or need for what we're doing - so we ask that those who believe in this essential work do what they can to support SITC's work and grow our team.

The very best ways you can do help us are:

> share the message all over your socials
> tag #OK2SAYNO & #SITC
> tell a mate about the
Bush Tribe
> grab some of our merchandise
> wear it, share it, and tag us!
> make a
> invite us to your event