Our official ''OK2SAYNO'' Day launches on the 22.2.22 and we need your help to raise funds so that we can keep raising awareness & making massive positive impact across every corner of this wide brown land we love!

Whether you're a corporate, an individual, or a philanthropist, we'd love to hear from you and get your support, and here are the very best ways you can do that:

> share the 22.2.22 logo on the day
> share the message on your socials
> that it's #OK2SAYNO
> grab some of our
> wear it, share it, and tag us!
> make a
> sponsor a podcast episode
> invite us to your event

OR, best of all: host a grog-free BBQ on the 22.2.22 to show support for our mates who are passing on the vino or the frothies - and instead of drinking - donate what you'd usually spend on the beers to the work SITC is doing for those mates ... 

Watch the short clip below, or click here for the downloadable info pack if you're a corporate or partner wanting *all* the details and key messages.

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