Travel & related costs to book Shanna

This page holds all the nitty gritty of the costs beyond Shanna’s speaking fee you'll be required to cover for her to present at your event.

Shanna travels as an ambassador for Sober in the Country and all speaker fees go directly to the charity. 

Her fees are low compared to other Australian of the Year speakers because we exist to support the mental health of remote and rural Australians ... and we know remote/rural speakers are hard to come by. 

If you're a community group or an NFP, please note that we do not have the capacity for pro bono speaking engagements. So, please investigate local grants via your Primary Healthcare Network (PHN) and/or sponsorship and support from local businesses, your council, etc. Given we are not supported or funded by state or federal government, this is one way you or your organisation can at least ensure your tax dollars are being used in health ... where they should be.

In addition to Shanna’s keynote speaker fee, you will need to budget for:

Flights – the further ahead you book Shanna, the more affordable flights we can secure. Please note: for flights longer than 1.5 hours we book Business Class.

Car hire – 4WD vehicle hire is essential so that Shanna has independent transport for events in remote areas.

Accomodation – events further than 200km from Sober in the Country's “home base” will require overnight accomodation.

Meals and incidentals – each are at Sober in the Country's choice and discretion.

Mileage – for regional travel, charged at .74c/km.

Makeup and Styling – only required for galas, balls, and filmed or stage work.

Deposits and cancellations:

A deposit of $1,000 is required 3 months before your event.

Deposits are non-refundable if you / the host cancels less than one month before the event.

If an event is impacted by weather, natural disasters, or unforeseen circumstances (including COVID 19), this will be viewed as unforeseen losses incurred by the host.

Sober in the Country will not be liable to refund flights, accommodation, car hire, transfers, and other related costs: only the speaker portion of the fee will be refunded if already paid in full.

Thank you for helping to ensure we’ll have a terrific event ... 

... and that your audience will get the most out of Shanna’s presentation!

If you have any questions about your upcoming event / Shanna's presentation, please email: